Friday, May 04, 2007

Sinful new object of affection!!!!

Grr.. Not having a camera is such a pain in the arse! Its so hard to document my daily things nowadays, even more so when I love takin pics, esp for memory! sigh.. Anyone wants to donate a camera my way?? Any functional digital camera will do!!

Anyway.. the reason for the rant.. bought these babies, but with the tugging and pulling of the short webcam plus the non-existing flashlight and horrible lightings, these pics don't do them justice..

My new babies

OK, trust me, they look totally hot real life. Go check nine west for the real thing. Snake-skin pattern, with goldish plated shiny slim killer heels. To die for.

Was also looking at some Chanel sunnies, and LV bags+wallet. Gonna check out the Gucci wallets+bags as well. In dire need of some. Sigh.. man, if only these were the reason I drag myself to work. Actually, nah, the reason I drag myself to work worths way more than these.. but still, *heartache*!!!

Got my tailored dresses back today! Will need to go get black and white heels and a little light white cropped cardi.. any suggestions?


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