Sunday, April 22, 2007

300 in 3D (so many 3's)

Damn.. All this while, I thought that 300 at the IMAX Theatre was 3D. Was damn excited to go, until John and Alex burst my bubble!! And yet again, they had fun laughing their heads off at my expense!!!


Why can't they have real movies in 3D?
Why do they only have 3D cartoons?
Not that I'm sick of cartoons or anything.. I still think they're awesome, but they should have more 3D variety, right???

Spiderman 3's showing at the IMAX on 3rd May, but why can't they show these movies in 3D?? I don't mind having to watch them a month later! 3D effects would be soooooo coool!!!!!!!!!!!


So, I was ready, all dressed up and everything to walk to uni in the dark for a Msian Society MFest entertainment volunteer meeting at 7-9pm on Friday. I usually step into the unknown myself. But this time, for some reason, I decided to txt Daphne to see if she was going.

'You mean the meeting NEXT friday??'

*slap on forehead*

Luckily I didn't walk all the way there into a creepy empty building. Uni's pretty scary at night you see. And its quite a distance to Holme Building. Silly me!

Celebrated my first Friday night in by getting chips, juice, and choc over to Ingga's and sat on her bed watching SATC.


I'm really excited about volunteering for the entertainment stuff at this year's MFest. Its gonna be my last one, if all goes well at uni, and its my last chance to participate in it. Besides, its apparently gonna be big this year considering how its gonna be the 50th anniversary or something.

They're gonna have dance, fashion show, drama.. and I wanna do all of it!!! :D :D :D

Angel's Party

was at Scruffy Murphy's yesterday.

I almost didn't go. Wasn't in the mood. But a few txt msgs from angels, and after more than 2 hrs contemplating, I finally decided to drag myself to the city.

Boy, am I glad I did!!!!!

I hadn't realised how much I missed dancing and clubbing!!!! It was like, the music just shot through my veins and I was suddenly whoooshhh..RE-ENERGISED!! Went mad with dancing around.. just the workout I needed! :P

After a while, no one really danced, so I went over to Jonathan's apartment, and gave some of em massages. Nothing's more satisfying than sounds of :

(i) 'Ooohhh..hhmmhmm..*mumble mumble*..'
(ii) 'OOoooohhh.. this is sooooooo goood.. you guys have to try this.. OooOOooh... yeaahhhh..'
(iii)Drool coming out from the side of the mouth

when I'm giving a massage!

E.J. and MBS

On the way back from work yesterday, I decided to really enjoy my Saturday evening. I stopped to watch a street performer.. took the time to watch his performance, gave him some coins and chatted for a bit.

Edward Jackson's a really good dancer from Detroit... www.itaps.net .. that's his website.

He did a contemporary tap to MJ and some other dance music. Was awesome! Might check him out again next weekend after my shift at the MindBodySoul expo which's also something I'm really looking forward to!! It's got like, fragrances, oils, massages, tarat card readings, fortune tellers..etc and I get to go for free. Normal entry tic's $25 bucks! And with my exhibitor pass, I get a further discount for things at the expo!! Loving my job more and more each day!

Anywayz.. gotta run for dinner!! STARVING!!!!


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