Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hilary Duff

Love her make-up.

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Isn't she just gorgeous?I've never seen a single 'bad make-up' pic of her b4, and she apparently does them herself. Skills.


After angelling, I've started to get SOOO many proposals n pick-ups on the job that I've just lost count! I reckon it'd be a good job to pick-up guys, seriously.

I've got my heart set on ONE person already...

so.. no appeal whatsoever there for me. I'm just really glad I can tell 'em that company policy disallows me to give anyone my number.

And I realised that the other part of this job which is fun is the freedom to put on any persona I want. Its like, acting or role-play.

I could pretend that I was the host of the place, and are making rounds to check if everyone's alrite or if they need a massage..

I could be the energetic bubble girl.. or the smouldering sexy vamp..

You get the picture. It's fun! :)

Got a couple of ppl who're actually football (soccer) fans, and I totally impressed them with my shallow football knowledge. *pat on back*

The first guy was this old regal-looking British dude who looked so 'hard' with a tight expression on his face, frown and all. Once I started working my magic hands, coupled with football talk (turns out he's a very passionate football fan.. duh.. Bri'ish!), he totally softened, and actually smiled (MIRACLE!!) a lot more!

The other guy yesterday was a younger looking manager from Sony. He asked to extend his massage and paid me even more after I had the whole football chat thing.

Now, I just have to read up more on footie,rugby and cricket.



Choosing a new Pussycat!! Can't wait for the first episode tonight!! Wheeeeeeeee....


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she looks bad there


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