Friday, March 23, 2007


It really seems like I'm getting stuck all day.

Booked the meeting room at SUV to study. They have a huge table in each meeting room, which makes good base for strewn notes and books.

Was suddenly so inspired to study after my lecture at 2. I think it might've been coz of the straightforward-ness of the lecture and the speed at which the lecturer talks which is sorta energetic and fast. Goes to show I feed off other ppl's energy(??).

ANYWAYZZZZZ.. back to my story. Right. So, I booked the room from 4.30 til 7.00.

I skippety-skipped there all packed and ready with plenty of heavy books, files, and most importantly, stationery in my bag..only to find Meeting Room 4 locked.


Went down to the reception.
'The office closes at 4pm today. You'll have to wait til the Resident Advisor on duty arrives at 5pm. But that's if you're lucky.Sometimes they only get here at 5.30pm.'


So there I was, bag slung across my shoulder, big note book clutched in one hand, water bottle in another, all hopes crushed.

Could feel my inspiration to study slipping away. Mind you, this inspiration feeling thingie doesn't come around often at all.

OOh!!Just got news the RA's here! At least there's still SOME feeling of inspiration left b4 it totally disappeared! Ta-rah!!!


I'm getting so good at waking up early nowadays. I think my body's subconsciously got used to the energy levels associated with different times of the morning.

*omygosh! dim sum girl's playing on shuffle on my nano! First time i'm actually listening to it!*

Like today, my lab's at 9, and I set my alarm for 8. But it didn't go off. I found myself getting up at about 9 when I thought something was amiss. And I think it was coz the roads were getting busier.

I never would've thought I'd be able to get up so early without the alarm. If this was years ago, I'd have slept through til 12. Maybe its a sign of growing old. Like, you know how some mature ppl have problems sleeping?

Anywayzz... due to my getting up late and rush, I forgot my labcoat and had to sit out of the anatomy prac from 9-11. So here I am, stuck at the library, waiting for histology to start at 11.


- My thighs are shrinking! -

My jeans felt a little looser around those areas this morning! It got sooooo tight when I was back in Msia. Good to know that they've gone back to the size they were b4 I went back home.

Now, only gonna hafta work on shrinking them for the skinny jeans I got from Melbourne last July. Hopefully will update with some good news soon! :D


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