Saturday, March 10, 2007

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Ooh.. just came back from a floor party.. crazy americans.. was SO fun though! :D :D :D


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Just realised my DVD spells 'LovewrIcked' instead of 'LovewrEcked'!

Hmm..pretty random, I know..That's what happens when you've skulled one too many Carlton Draughts. There was this super hot chic! Asian.. surprisingly didn't find any hot white chics at a party that's like 95% caucasian. The thing about me drinking is I tend to call ppl to talk. Just dialling and dialling. Caught up with Mae a little. She sounded bz.. but I think we're gonna meet up b4 the International Party on Thurs. Oooh, just caught a waft of cold air. Feel some headlights turning on. I miss my darlingz. I miss my sweetheart.

OK, I'm off to brush up!



I got back on Monday, close to noon, and rushed straight to my 1 o'clock class. Once I got home, I did my laundry and started cleaning my room and its contents.


Like, wipe-each-book-thoroughly.
Like, wipe-each-pen-thoroughly.
Like, wipe-each-sheet-of-paper-thoroughly.

It was the exam mess. All my notes, pens, books were strewn all over the room and table. Over 3 1/2 months, they *sneeze* naturally attracted lots of *sneeze* dust.

Basically, I spent the past few days cleaning my room, organising my things, obsessing over getting a vacuum which was not available for 2 days in a row!

I utilised lots of boxes lying around, modified them to be made little nice storage/decorative items on my desk. Felt like a genius! :D

Did my groceries, bought stationery. All while going for labs and lectures during the day. Never got a proper rest till yesterday! But strangely enough, doing all the tiring cleaning up+extremely tiring unpacking seemed to fill me with a certain sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. Being busy made me feel super productive!

OOOhhh, gotta see part of my organising act..

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First party of the week - Yandi's farewell. Pretty ironic considering uni just started! Saw the debut of one of my flower pins.

Today, the SUAMS welcoming party at Coogee. I remembered going for that about the same time last year and got myself a nasty tan line that lasted almost all year! I learnt from my mistakes.

OK, will continue the update in a while.. Chris has asked me to go over to play..


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