Friday, February 02, 2007

RM3 DVDs!!! HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gonna pack and head down to Penang..such a last min impulsive decision!

This week has been full of last min decisions to go everywhere.. :) .. Tina, you're right.. no use planning, last min works best! Like the other night at Poppy! :) .. Had so much fun wid you there!

Sigh, but on the other hand, I was kinda hoping to go wid you guys to Sky Garden tonight.. :( .. oh well.. can't have EVERYTHNG!!

Anywayzz...finally get to meet my aunts after like wat? 3 years? Its been AGES! Kinda miss em!

Anyone wants DVDs, just holler out to me yea?


Watched Blood+Chocolate alone at GSC today! :)

Jay's never let me watch any movie alone, no matter how many times I've insisted. Well, today, there wasnt much of a choice. :) I took a cab there..

It was soooo freaking hard to get a cab from my house to 1-Utama! You have NO IDEA!

Finally, a cab arrived! but then realised that I left my purse along with all my money in my bro's car! Was money-less! Told the cab driver I lost my purse and had no money to pay him and then watched wistfully as the red car drove further and further away...

Had to called my bro for some reinforcements! Luckily, he had some cash at home.. Had to go through all the hassle to get a cab again, but finally made it for the movie!

I'd definitely wanna go watch a movie alone again.. well, it wouldnt be something I'd wanna do all the time

Just once in a while.. :) .. its relaxing..

OK, dad's asking us to pack and leave RIGHT NOW! So.. gotta go!

Adios ppl! :)


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