Thursday, January 18, 2007

hey tina..

I've been sitting here for 10 mins and I dont know what to blog. Haha. I guess it'll take a while after such a long hiatus. Er... well, I guess jus wanna say.. I feel like some beer now.. :P

Haha.. my dad just came into the room shouting HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO with a huge smile on his face. I guess that's a good sign that he's happy to see me! :P .. He just bumped his head.. AGAIN! Such a boy! hehe..

Will go sit and have a chat with him over food after his shower.

Love it when my parents are happy!

Ooooh, had a good lunch at Ms. Read today! Brings back memories of Taylor-ian times, when we'd go there and have our CHOCOLATE BROWNIE!!! MMMmmmm..

Well, today, had the pleasure of dining with someone as delicious! And had such a long chat with her and Nizam about so many things, from cockroaches, to our ideal body figure, to lives as tai-tais, to mutual friends.. Was a really pleasant afternoon!

Had hoped to go out tonight to Maison, but due to the productiveness of others, as Tina put it, we're left with no one to party wid!

OK, daddy's out of the shower.. Gotta go!!

*skippety skipettyyy skip*


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