Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Been a wonderful week for me.. my wonderwall has stood through the week and is still my wonderwall.. as well as a BULL!! Right?? :P

Coz only bulls produce.. Bull-S***!!!

hahaha.. OK, damn lame.. but that's why you love me right?? RIGHT????

Well, to be fair.. You're a stupid bull with bullshit and I'm a stupid cow.. which is so much more useful than a bull coz at least cows produce milk! hehhehe..

But you're still my wonderwall and its only been getting more and more wonderful! More and more fortified.


Mel's BACK!!

And I'm the only one at this point who hasn't seen her.. DAMN! :P

Hehe.. had dinner wid the other 6.. dam 7 full k!!! Food was DAMN nice!

At this rate.. INPUT so much more than OUTPUT..Sure KAPUT la!

HEY! That rhymed! :P Genius me..

Can't wait to go on our trip to Penang.. and our stay at Sunway nxt week, plus our trip to Sunway Lagoon! Sounds like a fun-filled month! :D kekekkee



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