Saturday, December 09, 2006

Wedding dinners are almost a weekly thing now. I ran out of formal-ish dinner clothes to wear coz I never expected to have so many wedding dinners to attend! Its like a sudden wedding boom! Think the baby boom's already started..

I want my room back! I've been sleeping with my parents since I've been back from Aus coz my youngest bro has invaded and resided in my ex-room.

I miss having my own space to do my own things. Miss being able to stay up til as late as I want doing whatever I want. Now, I can't even read b4 I go to bed! My parents sleep wid their lights off, usually hours b4 I go to bed.

I miss having my own room!! Man, our maid has her own spacious room and I don't even have a private area to myself.

Btw, TINA'S BACK!!!! SO excited!! YAY!!!!!!!

Now, just another stray sheep left to come back.. actually, 2, but the other one's definitely not coming back so will just be waiting for that one who's coming back Mon night!

OK, my bro came out of the shower.. time for me to barge in and scrub myself clean! wheeeeeeeee


At 9:38 PM, Blogger miss vanity said...

Hey hey! Hope we can meet up tonight or something - im still stuck at home waiting for my parents for dinner. :( Anyways its good to be back!!!


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