Sunday, November 05, 2006

Drive myself Crazy

Man, I'm listening to that song by N Sync! It seemed like ages, the last time I saw that video, or even listened to the song! It was and I just found out, amazingly, IS still one of my favourite songs.

Its so soothing and for sad.

Need to so study now for my exam tomoro.

I read this blog once in a while, where my bro co-writes with 6 of his other friends. He hardly ever updates, but I just read one recent entry. He met up with some friends he hasnt met in like 7 years. I know for a fact that one of them was really pretty when she was younger, I couldn't fathom her beauty at this age now.

Another gloomy day. Its summer dammit! When will the weather be nice and warm again? Come out, sunshine!

I really should be stressed about my exams, but I'm looking forward more to going home to Msia. I miss home.

2 more weeks and counting, babey!!!!!!


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