Friday, November 03, 2006

Happy Bday Smalls!

You're the cutest, bubbliest girl I know. You say the most original things, sometimes I wonder what more goes around in that little brain of yours!

Faster get your bubbly ass here to Sydney! Can't wait til you come, babes!

Happy bday, darlz.. and enjoy it to the fullest!


A hard covered book is soft on the inside.
A shiny red apple, worms on the inside.

Some things are not what they seem,
Some ppl, not what they look like.

Everything has a time and season.
Everything happens for a reason.



At 2:21 AM, Anonymous smallswong said...

wheee!!!! birthday shoutout for me!!! thanks shuen and you MUST MUST see me at least once when i go to sydney ok. 11th till the 16th.mark the calendar. see ya dear *hugs*


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