Sunday, October 22, 2006

(Just realised that my entry was super long.. dividing them into sections)

Studying for my prac exam tomoro.. just taking a little while to write before going to take a shower, and subsequently more studying.

Sometimes I wonder what it is that inspires ppl. I want to study, but I'm not inspired, and I don't know where to fish for my inspiration. Same for my want to lose weight.


Listening to James Blunt, Jack Johnson and the likes. It was the perfect day yestrday for those songs - rainy, gloomy, chilly.. Perfect weather to sleep in, study and laze around..

But I ended up running around in the city under the rain with Eshan, trying to find a perfect dinner place for his 1-month anniversary with Melissa. Walked from The Rocks(where the Hyatt is) to the Opera House, checking in at every other restaurant that had a view and good ambience.

On the way, we saw HEAPS of newly-wed couples taking their wedding photos yesterday.

We saw this flock of white Rolls-Royce followed by another string of BMW 7 Series, all tinted and stuff..What a sight to behold!

As if that was not enough, later in the evening, we saw another flock of cars- Mustangs.. red ones, and there was one white one, which probably was the bridal car.

I want a Rolls-Royce wedding car!

Tan's Bday

Went through facebook, and saw pics from Tan's bday 2 nights ago. That night was filled with so many good looking ppl, I felt so tiny and insignificant. There was Ingga, Lauren, Celine(Tan's sis), Bianca, Melissa, Alina, Pinkie.. etc etc.. Yeah, you get the gist. They were like 2 whole leagues above me.

I think its official.. Thai girls are the bomb. And in Ingga's and Mel's cases, Filos too!

Super HOT-ness

I think I most identify with Ingga's fashion style. That girl has that natural flair for piecing together something and look good in whatever they are. She's not one who looks up to anyone for fashion ideas, she just pulls em out of her wardrobe. And she's blessed with such a hot bod that she can pull off anything! I bet she could be wearing a table cloth, and make it look uber sexy. That girl is something!

Wow, I haven't written like this in ages. Like, typing everything that streams through my brains without censoring it first. This is almost quite the closest you get to the inside works or Shuen.


OH, I finally talked to Justin Foo yesterday, after like, wat.. 10 months???? It was good to talk to an old friend again. :)

Hey, buddy.. msg me on MSN once in a while lar k..

Same message to all my other old friends everywhere around Msia, UK and Aus.. Miss you guys!

Alrite, I think I'm off to shower, and hopefully after that feel extra refreshed to start anew with my studies.

Wow, how symbolic! I surprise myself sometimes with how deep I can be.


Omg, I'm listening to classical music! Never have I ever..

hmm.. its actually quite soothing!

Man, I think I'm tapping into the more refine side of myself!

The other day, Paul gave me his room key, so that I could chill in his room and watch Foxtel while he was out.

I dont even know where to start about the wonders of Foxtel!

I got my dose of MTV, VH1, Channel V and additionally, fashion updates from FTV, and celeb goss from E!.

Man, Astro should have FTV and E! and the comedy channel.

Anyway, I was just bouncing back and forth those two channels. I was at the Milan fashion week one minute, and Hollywood the next. It was sooo good!

Wait, I had a point.. OH YEA! Me tapping into my more refined side!

Yea, so I was watching all those channels, and by chance, I flipped to this channel featuring some ballet thingie. And I was so fixated with the performance, I forgot all about the other channels.

I was watching that ballet for a good 20 mins! B4 I realised that the ads for the other channels were probably over.

I think I'm evolving.

Someone stop me b4 its too l8!

OK, OK.. really gonna go take a shower this time..


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