Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Disconnectd.. tuuuuuut..

After calling up with Krys, my Mom and Mellie from my room phone yesterday, my land line credit ran out.

After msging and calling Aussie ppl on from my hp, my mobile phone cdt ran out.

So now.. I'm broke and detached from the world.

Call me, ppl.

Or if you do find time, please do e-mail me.. *sob*


I think my lab partner's girlfriend doesn't like me.


I was introduced to her a about 4 weeks ago, and I was trying to be friendly! But I don't think we hit off.

She's pretty hot, even Alex thinks so. Alex who keeps reminding me that Fen is hotter than me, and so could get away with wearing thongs in lab when we BOTH wore thongs the other day.

Granted, I think my lab partner's pretty attractive, even ALEX thinks so! And that would seem like such a gay thing to say.. or so Alex would say.

But even if I think he's attractive, I'm not gonna do anything knowing he's got a girlfriend! C'mon.. that's not at all ethical! OK, I know I'm probably the last person to say anything about ethics, but yea, its against my principles to make a move on any guy who has a girlfriend.

Wait, come to think of it, I probably wouldn't even make a move on any other guy.

Well, except maybe.. Dean! :P

And Wentworth Miller.

But my lab partner?

Thanks but no thanks.

Lab Partner's Girlfriend, you're really hot and you have him all yourself, don't you worry!


Persuading Skills

Anyone has any?

Care to share some tips?

I went for this Singaporean Satay BBQ thingie this arvo and we're all given 1 serving of roti prata (canai) served with curry chicken and 3 sticks of satay with satay sauce.

I tried to get myself just a measly one more piece of roti prata with curry chicken, but to no avail.

I even asked my friend, Yandi, who happened to be the President of the club, but sigh.. I didn't get it.

I can't bargain.. I never could! How unlike my brother!

He got himself a personal gym trainer for half the price.. something like from RM1000++ to about RM 500. Talk about negotiating skills!

How am I going to make business deals and negotiate in future?


But anyway, let's look at the optimistic side in today's rejection!

I was stopped from adding a gazillion calories to myself!





At 5:08 PM, Blogger miss vanity said...

dean!!! super hot. major eye candy


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