Friday, September 29, 2006

Baby binds all

A baby's smile or laughter is so pure and innocent that it makes everyone's day!

Just the other night, this lady carrying this cute little baby sat next to Darren on the bus. All he (Darren reckons its a 'he', I think otherwise, but I'll just stick to 'he') did was look at Darren with his big round eyes, and then a little smile crept up at the tiny corners of his lips.

That was enough to melt my heart.

It was enough to melt everyone's heart on the bus.
Even the hard core, and by core, I mean outer 'shell', Arvin.
Even the cold-looking old man sitting right across me who gave us a look of disapproval when we got on the bus (must've been coz of Arvin with his long messy hair which makes him look like some druglord).

The whole ride back, I couldn't help but look at the cute tiny bundle. As much as I hate bratty kids, I can't help but go 'Aaawww' when I see such a cute little baby!



Once you go 3D, you never go back

IMAX was da bomb!

Watched 3D 'Ant Bully' today.

It was soooo cool!!

Everything had dimension and space, it was so real!
Heck, even the huge dorky glasses were cool!

When the water was sprayed, I actually flinched coz it felt that real!I even reached out my hands several times to try and grasp that ant or words right in front of me! I giggled and squealed like a kid the whole time.

Man, I wish ALL movies could be shown in 3D. That would be the way man! Everyone would actually want to watch movies at the cinemas rather than get pirated DVDs! Hmmm, maybe I should pitch that idea to the Msian government!



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