Thursday, August 31, 2006

I DID IT!!! I really did!!!


For my lab, there're a list of things we have to do where one of em will be picked to be marked in our continuous assessment counted towards our finals.

In my hurry to class today, I forgot to bring my beautiful flow chart that I stayed up last night to do. I even got up extra early to borrow Alex's question thingie to finish THAT other option off, thinking it might be marked.

But NOOOOOOO.. they just had to choose the flow chart!!!!!

It was soooo pissing off! Its not like I didn't do it! I mean, if I didn't do it, then I probably wouldn't feel so bad.

But the fact that I actually did it! Yet failed to get marks for my effort. Sigh..

Life's unfair!

All Smiles.

Met up with Carmen today. We sat and chatted and chatted. Was SOOO good catching up wid her again!! :D

I missed her. Terribly.

She's a racket to have around! Wonderful girl she is. I love her.

Went through Facebook today. Saw Ingga's pix. And boy was I distracted! Paul kept talking away, and all I could do was ogle at her pix on the comp one after another.


Like, REALLY!!!

Again, life's so unfair.

Bounce, ball, bounce!

I bought a small football yesterday so that I can play in my free time. Don't really think I'm gonna do much wid it, but hey, who knows right?

I'm so excited with my new ball!


Along wid that, I bought a few pieces of jewellery from Diva, a few tops from Urban Edge(which were on MASSIVE sales! Think $130.00 tops for $10.00!!).

Had delicious home-cooked dinner at my friend's aunt's place. I never had a more delicious Indian meal in my LIFE! Really brings back the Msian flavor to me! :)

The smell of pizza's nicely waltzing through the window into my room, tempting me. Grrr.


I'm supposed to start a diet like, now, Pizza! And you're going to ruin it!

Man, I can never do diets.


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