Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Wear protection.

That's all i can say. After the visual images I've just gone through in lectures today, I can assure you that you never wanna contract any forms of STD's! Its disgusting on so many levels.

So, go get your glove!

1/2 a dream is better than no dream

My friends were amazed at how lame I was yesterday.


They were positive I smoked something up in Melbourne and it's still in my blood.
Man.. getting the CK disease is not good!
Not good at all!

Oh.. one amazing thing??

I got full marks for my Physics quiz!!! And I was so stressed out coz I didn't get to study for it! Thank God! Prayers b4 tests DO help!

And, no Tina, I don't think this is a sign that I should go to Melbourne more often! haha.. I liked that reasoning though!! :D

I don't know what I got for my Pathology Quiz yet.. not very optimistic about that one.

I was sooooo tired last night, I slept without even switching the lights off!!! I did pamper myself with a rejuvenating mask. I think I'm gonna do the hydrating one today :)



I loved Sunday so much.

That was definitely the best Sunday I've had in AGES!

It wasn't all that extravagant, but I always love having groups of friends chilling out in someone's apartment.

I love the atmosphere where everyone's chatting and laughing, watching tv and drinking.

I love watching ppl cook, help arranging things.

I love eating home-cooked food, esp when I feel so satisfied after that all I wanna do is ZZzzz.

I love being able to cuddle and chill in front of the tv, waching F1.

Everything seems so much more alive. Everything seemed so much more alive.

To top that, the earlier part of the day was spend having dim sum with ppl I care about, and we sat down and ate for a good 3 hrs! With more and more friends joining us.

Man, I want another Sunday just like that.


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