Sunday, August 27, 2006

Beach Club

As opposed to the one in KL, the one in Docklands, Melbourne is pretty good! I loved how the bar glowed with an orangey-pinkish tinge. Plus, there was a high percentage of good-looking ppl.. both guys, and girls.. ;)

Had a pretty good time. Just had to end the night a lil early coz I couldn't stand up. Not that I was drunk or anything. It was more like a semi-permanent headrush thing. Like, I'd get white stars and then everything turns white after a few seconds of standing up. And stays white.

The only other time I rememberd having this random 'black(or white??)-out' was after a bus ride back down to the city from Chee Yoong's place in Epping.

Anyway, all in all, night was good.. many ppl were there..

Strangely enuff, although I've been spending time here, I've been missing Tina quite a lot. :( . Haven't got any time to spend with her. Man, I don't feel like going back just yet. :(

Alrite, gotta go take a shower, then study. Sigh. Where did all the time go?


At 1:23 PM, Blogger miss vanity said...

That's why u need to come back again & spend more time with me. Who cares bout anyone else? hahaha .. kidding :P


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