Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Today, while studying about immune responses, we learnt something new!

PURULENT : adjective for 'pus'

Alex : *whispers* Oh.. so now we know its not called pus-sy!



His wound is pussy.
I don't wait it to be pussy.
No, doggie.. don't like that pussy thing!

OK, nvm.. I'm not making much sense..

So tired!

7 hrs straight today!!!!!!

4 hours of lab from 9am which was pretty interesting considering we were playing with kadavas! I thought I'd have a major problem dealing with real human body specimens.. but it was not too bad! Really good actually!

1 hr of Physics tute right after lab. Basically spent it chatting to my newfound group mates.

2 hrs of Medical Science lectures. Tired as shit.


is one helluva babe!!!
She could be my new shopping partner here..
I shouldn't be celebrating!
But I can't help it!
She's a fashionista in her own right, and she's pretty damn good looking too!
Plus, her vibrant personality really brings her up a few notches in my book!
Loved the sunnies she had today..
She got em on sale..
It was down to $250 from $370 or something like that..
If I knew she was gonna come, I wouldn't have shopped so much through the year, so that I can STILL shop with her now!!!


Happy happy..


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