Monday, September 18, 2006

Tina Gospel

I've been introduced to this whole new world of tai-tainess.. haha.. thanks to TINA!!

What we did the other day consists of..
1)lunching with with our bfs, then
2)shopped around for a pair of red sexy shoes but kinda failed,
3)so we decided to pamper ourselves to manicure+pedicure+wax.
4)After which we went to Van Gogh for drinks + chat.

Since I've been here, I haven't had much time to really catch up with Tina since our alone time has been tremendously cut down and is now almost non-existent.

I really miss her.. :(


What's happening?

I've been having weird sensations, and troubled dreams these few nights. I don't know why. I would've thought that I'd feel the total opposite, but for some strange reason, I'm feeling this way.

First, I dreamt that I had kids. And that, to me, is a total nightmare. I was freaked out, scared out of my mind! I woke up feeling soooo scared. I cant tell the future, but at this point of time, the notion of kids, whether now or in the future is a very scary thought.

Second dream I had was when I had my mom around all my friends. Started introducing them to my mom over casual chit chat. Then all of a sudden, she asks one of them about my 'sexualism'. What the hell is 'sexualism' anyway? I have no idea whether or not that word exists, but in my dream, it seemed to have perfect meaning/existence.

I've also had trouble falling asleep.

Someone help me.



At 12:05 PM, Blogger miss vanity said...

hey! we did spend some quality good time with our tai tai session! also when we were just lounging on the grass at st kilda!

At 12:11 PM, Blogger ~little princess~ said...

hehe.. yea.. i guess.. the tai tai day was good.. yesterday was more chillout.. :) i still miss you.. haha.. pouty pouty tina!


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