Saturday, September 09, 2006

Night out at Cargo

I've found the secret to a good night out! Wanna know wat it is??? wanna know? wanna know?? hehe

Start the night with a tequila shot followed straight up by a shot of chartreuse(since they dint have a bacardi51) straightaway.

Loosened me up quite a bit.
Finally started movin again!
Started dancin a little.
Started laughing a little.

Found a drinkin partner too!! :)..

Behold.. Mr. Julian ..Well, obviously not Mel's Julz..Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
*guy on left* Photo taken from CEO&corporate women nite.

You went for a shot without me, you bastard! its not fair.. you broke our pact! :P

I miss my camera. It just isn't the same without a camera to capture wonderful moments with wonderful ppl. It also sucks always having to get pictures off ppl. All the trouble.

Dancing wid Anan is fun. He's all out there, all loud moves, good moves.. good stuff! I think he was another factor I was dancing.. hehe

Man.. its been raining the past week. How depressing. I'm letting Girl, Interrupted run on the comp. Not watching it coz I went off for a while to make lunch.

Gonna go out to eat(again!) and watch Lady in the Water or something like that in a while.

Chill out day for me. I like. Although I'm bothered by the tiny voice at the back of my head reminding me about exam on Monday. :( Damn. Sigh.


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