Sunday, October 01, 2006

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Last night was the last for Darren and Faisal.

I had a blast during the holidays, thanks to Darren and crew.

We were at Darling Harbour last night, and decided to play with the camera. Faisal's into photography! So he snapped snapped snapped..

The sky was an amazing background canvas for us. The clouds, moon, shadow.. together they created an intense mysterious feel.

..still waiting for him to come back from dinner to continue sending me more pics..

Fuzzy, fuzzier.. fuzziest!

Go camou pants! :)

Miss you guys already!



Its amazing how time flies!

Just exactly a year ago, I was at Darling Harbour for the Latin Fiesta with Winnie, Tracy, Bobby, Andrew.. etc..

I still remember that it was the day Bee Ling taught me how to make porridge coz I was sick, puking and stuff.

Yesterday, walking along Darling Harbour was nostalgic.



Back to earth!

Uni's starting again on Tues.

Need to start nerding again. Sigh. With the hols over, everything suddenly seems so empty.

Loneliness is creeping in.

I wanna go home.

And I miss my girlfriends.



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