Saturday, October 28, 2006


Of all the things I could do tonight, I watched Troy.

Seeing Brad Pitt and Eric Bana with their buff bods on screen was enough to satisfy my 'hunk' quota for the week! I'm so in love with Brad Pitt now. Why don't they make all men like that? Hmm, but then again, most guys who have bods like that probably don't make very good lovers anyway.

Think about it, in the past, men with physiques like that were most probably warriors. I wouldn't wanna be together with a warrior. There was no certainty whether or not he would live to see the sun. Everyday might be the last day I have with him. Every kiss the last. And when he's dead, I'd be crushed, devastated, demolished.

Now, men with those physique are most probably bodybuilders, athletes, soldiers or models. Models are most probably metrosexual, and it would feel really weird if my guy looks at himself and admires himself in the mirror more than I do myself. Either that or he'd probably know that there are more demand than supply of hunks like him, and he'd most likely cheat on me.

In those guys, I want that raw heat, passion, strength that warriors possess. I want to have the feeling that a man so hard on the exterior could be so sweet, soft and passionate when it comes to matters of the heart. The feeling of a man that takes charge, but not empowering.

A man who knows exactly what he wants, and fights for them.
A man who's not a coward, who faces problems with utmost integrity and dignity.
A man who does not let pessimism get the best of him.
A man who looks in the face of challenge, and fights on bravely.

'A brave soldier, and a fierce lover.'

But on the other hand, I think it foolish sometimes that guys fight for girls. I say, let the girl choose. Girls are not objects, nor are they prizes. They are human beings, with feelings, and the right to choose what they want.

Women are strong creatures. Since the beginning of time, women were pillars of strength in the family. They had to continue fighting to live, with the drive to care for their young even after their husbands die in war. They had to deal with rape and murder in times of war.

That was a quick peek at what I was thinking while/after watching Troy.

Did I mention that I fell in love with Brad Pitt as Achilles in that movie?


At 2:31 AM, Anonymous Greg said...

Your body is slamming too shuen... you should post up more pics of yourself!

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