Wednesday, December 06, 2006

ES came back earlier than expected. Still the same 'sohai' as YY likes to call him.. :P It felt good knowing that everyone's slowly coming back to msia from wherever in the world they are. Happy happy, joy joy!


Dinner at Palace of the Golden Horses yesterday was FANTASTIC!

Food was A++. Absolutely LOVED it! Now, if only I could get Zander to try them, and reproduce them back in Sydney. :P hehe..

There was a performance by a Russian duo which I was pretty impressed with. She changed her outfit on stage within seconds! You see her, then you dont, then you see her again with a totally different outfit! And there are no signs of new or old outfits anywhere! In their last act, the guy opened a huge umbrella above her, and it showered glitter on her. By the time the glitter settled, she'd changed her outfit yet again! AMAZING!!!

Performancee by Siti Nurhaliza was up in the itiniary too!

Oh, TINA!! I SAW YOUR MOM!! she was wearing a white suit thingie. I would've gone to say hi but she looked really busy and I didn't know if she would recognise me. Hehe.. when I told Krys, she was like, GO TALK TO HER and GET THE JUSTIN TIX!! haha..


I've always said I don't really know how to put make-up on. I do try sometimes, and its a touch and go thing. Sometimes, it looks alrite, but usually, its horrendous! Last night's was the latter.

As I took my makeup off, I suddenly realised that my make up skills were so horrible, I looked even better without makeup! Whoever said that makeup enhances your looks, makes you prettier and etc musn't have met me! All the talk about the powers and magical wonders of makeup etc etc.. BULLSHIT! Well.. at least in MY case.. hehe.. I guess that's a case for everyone who doesn't know how to apply makeup the right way.

Oh well..

Damn! I missed Lunch with Krys and CY. Should've got up earlier! Oh well, Krys finishes at 4. Maybe I'll be able to meet them later... happy happy, joy joy!


Sometimes when you think a person has reached his/her peak, you're proven wrong. Things improve by leaps and bounds.

Thank you dear.

You've been amazingly amazing, esp the past 2 days.

You tried hard. You hit the mark. From now, I hope that things will only get better!


You're my wonderwall.


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