Thursday, December 28, 2006


My brain starts whirring once I get up in the morning, and it never stops until I watch TV or sleep.

How I wish everything would go away.



I tried to exercise yesterday, but after 10 short minutes, hero me convinced myself that sitting down going through baby + childhood pics for about an hr would probably be equivalent to about 10 more mins of running.

The thing about me was that I looked cute for about 3 years, and then I started looking weird. Some pics really brought out the giggles!

Saw through my years of super short hair. My huge round glasses. My chubbiness. My holidays.
Most ppl I know have mostly the same features through all the years. But most definitely not ME!

Was good fun bringing out all the old pics. Going to embark on a photo album project real soon!!!! Hopefully!


At 1:59 PM, Anonymous Greg said...

whats going on? so long no updates? been checking every day.


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