Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Durians Galore!!!!!!

Thanks to the wonderful Chee Yoong!!

Love you LOOOOONG time!!

Still can't believe how they could've put that on Fear Factor! I'd've been a very very happy contestant!

Yum Yum!!


I SPY......

Someone who's been keeping in touch, on-off(??) with my ramblings here..
Someone who's going to be part of the Melbourne family..
Someone who's spent almost half of his life in UK, and the other half, seeing me every week!! (oh, the horror!!)
Someone who's a week older than me!

Guess WHO??



Its irritating me, writing everything without any colours, or different font sizes!
It looks so plain! So.. boring!


Need some COLOR!!
Need some non-MAC comp!!

*this post has obviously been edited using my non-MAC laptop!!*


Just re-read some previous posts..

And suddenly realised that they might not have been the best materials to be read by SOME ppl..

Some ppl, like, gee, i dont know.. but I think his name starts with an 'A'.. haha

All of a sudden feeling so self conscious of what I've written b4..

Read some lines, and laughed my arse off.. wondering how I came up wid such lame lines!
Read some more, and was appalled at how I could've made such horrible grammatical mistakes!

Oh well..


At 7:04 PM, Blogger + : A d a M : + said...

i JUST read this post...that somehow seems to be talking about lil ol me???

why feel so self conscious bout what youve written? Its only me reading it after all..not like i make any difference..=P

sry lar for being a silent reader for so long..but i was too shy to comment on any other post..hehe..but just to make up for it..i give u my blog link lar ok? so now we're even..=D


eh one of these days we gotta go out la. Cant have u back here for 3 months and not have a drink at least once right??


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