Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Hope you had a wonderful bday! You've been around for Jay and I since the beginning, and have been a wonderful friend. Was always a blast hanging out wid ya!


HAPPY BELATED BDAY, CHRIS & CK!!! - 18th December


Went to collect my iPod nano that I won on my last day in Aus.

Drove all the way to LCCT,
waited in line,
collected my parcel,
paid extra for duty stamp,
drove all the way back..

just to find that its a fuckin' FAKE IPOD!!!!



Super angry now..

If I wanted a fake ipod, I could get much cheaper ones here in MSIA!!!

Feel so bloody cheated!

CONNERISM i tell you!


Out of the blue, I got an unknown number sms-in me, asking for my e-mail add.
I politely replied for an identity.
Andrew Wong is his name, he said.

I cracked my head wondering which of the few Andrew's it was.
He called, and I realised then that I didn't recognise his voice.

I asked him how he knew me.
'That's why I asked for your e-mail add. Its a long story. I wanted to write to you there to explain everything,' said he.
He was elusive about how he got my number and how he knew my name.
I got a little scared.
I said I was busy.
And he asked me if I was out near Bandar Utama.

That totally freaked me out.

This guy has my name, my number and possibly my house address.

Who the fuck is he?

After a while, I found out that he got my details from Pos Msia.

Must've been from the forms I had to fill when I went there to collect my stupid FAKE IPOD NANO!

I've stopped entertaining him since I've found my answers.

A little shaken, but I'm alrite now. Will probably just be even more scared when I come home alone in the middle of the night when the street's dark.


Bull played futsal for 3 and a half hrs straight. And now, he's got chest and his legs are aching. GEE, I wonder why!!!

Go take a good rest k??? I'll see you real soon and give you a hug n kiss to make it all better!!!



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