Thursday, March 01, 2007


Good dinner.
Wonderful company.
Sweet parting.

Can't ask for more on this special, special day.

2nd Disappointment of the Day

While out for dinner, Dad called..

'Girl, you want the Nano or the iPod which plays music, videos and everything?'
Not wanting to ask too much I simply replied..
'Anything.. my main priority's to listen to songs while I walk. Whichever's cheaper, get it lah..'

When I got back, my dad proudly showed me the Nano. After about 10 mins of showing me the Nano itself, he reached for the plastic bag to get the accessories. He pulled out a little brochure thingie, and showed me the iPod he was talking about.

I almost screamed.

iPod nano (4 GB) - $ 934
iPod (30GB) - $1099

And he got an iPod nano.


Hehe.. but it IS also my fault. I did tell him to get the cheaper one.. hehehe..

Nevertheless, I'm extremely grateful and happy that I got a nano! I'm so excited! Gone are the days of quiet walks to and from uni, or in the city, or on long bus rides.




Everyone's not here..

YY's being such a good boy suddenly, staying at home coz of exams.. shockening! :P

Krys msged me and asked me when she can come over, not to see me mind you, but to eat the cheesecake my mom bakes! haha.. and she asked if I felt insulted! ooh, the nerve.. hehe.. but nah, i actually didn't mind it one bit..

Bought all the things I was supposed to bring over. I looked at it and wondered how I was gonna accomplish the feat of staying within the weight limit. Tough Job!

Been looking up the uni casual employment database and found one job on campus. I particularly like those ones coz they pay damn well, always at least more than 20 bucks per hr. This particular one was $ 26++ per hour. The only catch was that they required a resume and cover letter, both of which I dont have.

I sat down and laboriously typed my CV+cover letter. Before I could finish the latter, I had to leave with my mom to go for some talk. Today, when I checked the database again, the notice had been pulled out.

Someone got the job.

A tad disappointed. Should've done everything faster, earlier.

Anywayz.. at least today's gonna be a happy day for me!


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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At 3:40 PM, Blogger Bren said...

This is rather late, but Happy Anniversary! :)


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