Monday, March 19, 2007


AWESOME day!!!

Went by Chinatown for Yum Cha with the lovely, bubbly, ever-so-fun-Mae.. ended up chatting for hours and hours.. can't remember the last time I had so much pure fun girly time chatting about everything girls can chat about..

Really missed you Mae! We should do it like, once a week each week! :D

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Then I went for some girly dinner with May+Tamara.. fellow Angels.. :) .. that was fun!!

I've never met a boring Angel so far, and that's FAN-TASTIC!!! They got me 'ready' for my shift at Darling Harbour..

Which happened to be.. uh.. lemme see.. FUN!!!

It was clubbing at its best! I could just chat anyone up, hiding behind the 'Angel' persona. Had a BLAST just chatting to ppl, flirting with 'em guys AND girls, all while enjoying the music!

All this while making money.. man, I couldn't ask for more!

Was beat when I slept at 5 that morning though..


Pussycat Fever!

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Have always wanted to watch their concert 'Live from London'. Asked my bro to download it, but it took too long, and I was on the plane b4 it finished downloading.

Went looking for it everywhere. Finally found one last copy of this shop in Market City on Sat. Phew.

And the guy was so nice and chatty, I got suckered into buying the PCD Calender as well. Wasn't too bad. Was just $5, a huge slash from the original $25.

Never got the chance to relax and watch it though. Been too busy with work over the weekends.

Finally got the chance to rest properly after my job this afternoon. Watched it after a nap, with my self-declared few hours of girly relaxing ME time! :)

I'm more in love with the PCD now than ever b4!

Sexy, hot, confident, energetic, independent - everything I can only dream of being.

From now on, they're going to be my inspiration for day to day living. How so? I have no idea just yet. Ask me in a week.


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