Saturday, March 24, 2007

...Watching sappy love scenes make me miss you so much...


Job Rant

It happened again. Got up at freakin 11 when I slept at 5.30. I guess I might as well say, 'Welcome to a brand new stage of your life, Shuen!'

Shift last night was shitty but good.
Shitty in the monetary sense, good in the socialising sense.

There was this guy who was celebrating his bday. Paid for his friend to get a massage, and when I went back a couple of hrs later, he clearly had drunk quite a bit. But he was a really nice guy. He was defending me, telling his ass of a friend off. Very sweet-spoken guy. With mightily huge biceps, I might add.

Another interesting guy - Sales Exec at Telstra.
Who's freaking younger than me!
Granted, by a few months, but STILL!
He's worth quite a bit, and he must've really liked the massage - $50 just like that. Not that I'm complaining. He was young, and he's got a healthy pride in what he does.

I just didn't like his friend for the fact that he expected me to sucker up to Telstra guy once I was told what he's worth. Jerk.

I have a healthy pride for myself, and I think that everyone should be treated equally, rich or poor. Money's not everything for me. And ppl who think that they get preferential treatment from me for being rich couldn't be anymore wrong.

Speaking of interesting ppl on the job..

I met this rugby player from NZ last weekend. Most OZ's are big on 'footy' and rugby and watever else they call those games with the oval shaped ball, but not me. I have no idea who plays, what the teams are, what the rules are.. etc. So here I was chatting up and having a good time with this friendly guy. And yesterday, I saw him on TV - the face of NZ tourism.

That's the thing about me and this job. Its a major celebrity sighting job, apparently. But the fact is, how am I supposed to get all excited when I don't even know they're celebrities??

Like, another example.

At a corporate job last Mon, Carmi started massaging this huge guy, and there was a sudden big hype about that.

I was like.. what the hell's happening?

Everyone just stared at me.

'OMG! You don't know him? He's the Aussie homeland guy on TV.'

Err... OK.. watever you guys say man.


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