Tuesday, April 10, 2007

SSC Alumni

I can't believe KID CHAN was from SSC.



He's a well-known wedding photographer, and I've read about him in several articles before, the most recent being the one on Kennysia - http://www.kennysia.com/archives/2007/03/kid_chan_take_p.php

I got over my 'Elaine-Daly-studied-at-SSC' shock back then, and now, I've found another personality to be proud of. Well, for those who're not aware of it, Elaine Daly was Miss Malaysia/Universe 2003.

One day, my name will be up there with them.

Photography - taken
Beauty pageant - taken

I'll totter off to find my own little niche to be famous in now.



Finally watched The Holiday.

Wonderful movie in my opinion.

It was treading a little too much on familiar territory for my liking tho - Jude Law's character, sad goodbyes, long distance relationship, learning to fall out of love/giving up and moving on..

Very close to my heart, that one.

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it. It's gonna be one of the more significant movies on my list. What more, its got British actors in it. Love British movies. Love their accent. Love it!


At 8:34 PM, Blogger KidChan said...

Hey Shuen,

How are you? thanks for the highlight and a legit reason for me to Pimp My blog -www.kidchan.com/blog hahhahaha

Btw, all the best and am sure you will find what you want to do in life and of course all Cempakans will DO IT WELL:)

stay in touch, i can be reach on my email/ FRIENDSTER at kidchan@portraitone.com


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