Sunday, April 08, 2007

So proud of myself!

I just cooked the best steak ever!

Well, actually, made the best gravy from scratch ever!

Just experimented and put in a little bit of this and that and voila.. suddenly I had something which was bursting with flavour!

I doubt I can produce the exact same thing again, but I could definitely try!

Wheeee.. happy me!!! :)


Yesterday was a mixed day.

Tried cancelling my shift coz I wasn't feeling too good, but got told off by the guardian on duty.

So I went for my shift feeling faint. Decided to sit out most of the night, and just supervise.

Just on the night that I wasn't making any effort at all, ppl started coming up for massages and I ended up making the most I've ever made in angelling.

Gave longer massages to ppl, coz I was in no hurry to look for others. Ended up chatting with some very entertaining ppl.

When I was calling it a night,wrapping up everything 10mins b4 shift was up, I got approached by a guy who just wanted to chat but ended up giving me $50 for a massage. It was a very deep+insightful chat we had, he was the sort of peaceful+spiritual guy, charming and charismatic. He had a a lot of respect for me and didn't try to pick me up in any way. Hardly ever find that on the job.

Was a pleasure meeting you and your family, Tony.

Then came the ride home, and the taxi driver just killed the night.
The seedy, mousy, pervert of a cab driver.
I hate him.


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