Sunday, April 15, 2007


Sometimes I feel hidden in her shadow,
A shadow looming so mightily tall,
A shadow empowering all of me.

I cower in the deepest darkest corner of her shadow,
The shadow that appears every now and then.
She stands up there,
at the very top of the seemingly tall flight of steps,
looking down at me,
Me, stumbling and falling to reach where she is.

Sometimes her shadow fades and I feel strong,
so I take a few steps,
But it suddenly falls back on me,
Darker and bigger than before,
And I lose all my strength.

She's with someone else permanently,
But that does not stop her shadow from chasing me.
It does not stop her shadow from clouding my thoughts,
Polluting them til I fall on my knees again,
when I feel weak and insignificant, no matter what he claims.

There's not only one 'she',
There are a few.
A few shadows chasing me,
overpowering me.

Her shadow, their shadows - my kryptonite.


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