Monday, January 29, 2007

Cats should be taught to look left and right b4 they cross the road! Seriously!!!!

Was rushing to pick Wai Hoong up on Saturday and head down to Traders Hotel for Min Jie's proposal. As I was going 120(or more, I wasnt sure) on a busy 4 lane road, a cat decided to dash acroos!

The first animal I've ever hit with a car!!!!


Was sooo sad after that. Sigh.

I hope that cat miraculously bounded off.. we didn't feel a bump so I don't think the tyres got it!! *fingers crossed*

But still, I felt SOO bad!!!




On a happier note, it was a happy night for Min Jie and Peggy!

He went down on one knee, with the ring, and started singing 'I wanna grow old with you' with my bro playing the guitar. Leslie had the HUGE bouquet of flowers, and Yun Xian was video-ing. Spectators include - Nien Yi, Wai Hoong, Kenny and I.

I thoght the song was super cute! Its the one Adam Sandler sang in 'The Wedding Singer' .

I told my bro that when my bf looks like he's about to propose, he should go tell my bf that I want a fireworks display over a beautiful view. And not just random fireworks, but like those displays with patterns and the works.. like the one over the Sydney Harbour Bridge on New Year's! heheehehehe..

Was my first time at Sky Bar. Its very much like Luna Bar. I think I still much prefer Luna to Sky though Sky does have a much better close-up view of the Twin Towers. Nevertheless, it was a nice place to chill, have a few drinks with friends. Cosy.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


LIVERPOOL won! Wooohooo!! Well, I really couldnt care less about football if not for the fact that I took on liverpool in a small bet which won me the grand prize of....

*drum roll*


Finally, bull lost to cow! Hardly ever happens, but there's always a first! :P Let me just bask in my win for a day!

Hehe.. today, the same bet, with me taking Arsenal.. so I suppose I should be watching the game with Eng Soon somewhere so at least we have some 'kaki's to cheer with! :P


Well, after what Tina wrote about me timing my meds so I can have beer at night.. I actually didn't drink!

After my meds, I found out that I really didn't need to! I had a light head on my shoulders.. almost 'float-like'.. Plus, it helps me sleep at night tooooo!!!

Flu meds are the new beer, babeh!!!

Hmmm, wait, does that make me a potential-alcoholic-turned-potential-druggie??


Thursday, January 18, 2007

hey tina..

I've been sitting here for 10 mins and I dont know what to blog. Haha. I guess it'll take a while after such a long hiatus. Er... well, I guess jus wanna say.. I feel like some beer now.. :P

Haha.. my dad just came into the room shouting HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO with a huge smile on his face. I guess that's a good sign that he's happy to see me! :P .. He just bumped his head.. AGAIN! Such a boy! hehe..

Will go sit and have a chat with him over food after his shower.

Love it when my parents are happy!

Ooooh, had a good lunch at Ms. Read today! Brings back memories of Taylor-ian times, when we'd go there and have our CHOCOLATE BROWNIE!!! MMMmmmm..

Well, today, had the pleasure of dining with someone as delicious! And had such a long chat with her and Nizam about so many things, from cockroaches, to our ideal body figure, to lives as tai-tais, to mutual friends.. Was a really pleasant afternoon!

Had hoped to go out tonight to Maison, but due to the productiveness of others, as Tina put it, we're left with no one to party wid!

OK, daddy's out of the shower.. Gotta go!!

*skippety skipettyyy skip*

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