Friday, September 29, 2006

Baby binds all

A baby's smile or laughter is so pure and innocent that it makes everyone's day!

Just the other night, this lady carrying this cute little baby sat next to Darren on the bus. All he (Darren reckons its a 'he', I think otherwise, but I'll just stick to 'he') did was look at Darren with his big round eyes, and then a little smile crept up at the tiny corners of his lips.

That was enough to melt my heart.

It was enough to melt everyone's heart on the bus.
Even the hard core, and by core, I mean outer 'shell', Arvin.
Even the cold-looking old man sitting right across me who gave us a look of disapproval when we got on the bus (must've been coz of Arvin with his long messy hair which makes him look like some druglord).

The whole ride back, I couldn't help but look at the cute tiny bundle. As much as I hate bratty kids, I can't help but go 'Aaawww' when I see such a cute little baby!



Once you go 3D, you never go back

IMAX was da bomb!

Watched 3D 'Ant Bully' today.

It was soooo cool!!

Everything had dimension and space, it was so real!
Heck, even the huge dorky glasses were cool!

When the water was sprayed, I actually flinched coz it felt that real!I even reached out my hands several times to try and grasp that ant or words right in front of me! I giggled and squealed like a kid the whole time.

Man, I wish ALL movies could be shown in 3D. That would be the way man! Everyone would actually want to watch movies at the cinemas rather than get pirated DVDs! Hmmm, maybe I should pitch that idea to the Msian government!


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Jaysel!!!!!!


We've been thru a lot, especially the ups and the very downs.
A lot of special memories have held, a lot of them will never be lost.

We've both made our fair share of mistakes,
We've both had our fair share of arguments,
but most of all, we both shared the same feelings.

Hope you have the best birthday of your life this year.

May nothing bad ever interrupt this year's bday.

Take care dear.

Hugz! Muakz!


Monday, September 25, 2006

Good Times..

Watching The Devil Wears Prada the other day brought thoughts to my mind.

She made me wonder if I myself have changed without realising. I thought about change and how ppl change over time. I think that change is inevitable. Change is part of growing up.

I know that I'm not the same person I am 10 years ago.

I know I've grown from a clumsy tomboy to someone less tomboy-ish, though unfortunately, still clumsy.

I've grown from someone who couldn't care less about the clothes she wears to someone who takes at least half an hr getting dressed in the morning and a few days a week shopping.

I've grown from someone who spends my weekends at church n relatives' places, to someone who goes out with friends in Sydney.

But as much as I've changed, there're things about myself that I know still remained.

I know I still love to go out and run around, being my restless self.
I know that I need a lot of stimulation and a fast-paced life.
I know I still love the feeling of being free.
I know I still wish that everyone could be happy and that life could be less complicating.

It just bothers me when someone says..

'You've changed so much, this isn't the Shuen I knew and loved..'

Change, change, change...

All I know is that whatever comes and goes, there are some important things which stay..

Oh, and I did enjoy the movie tremendously! :) What's there not to like about it? Clothes+bags+shoes galore.. plus eye candies.. mmmm-mm..

Of course, my shopping urge skyrocketed after the movie.. but meh.. that can be dealt with a little later.. hehehe

And is it just me, or is Anne Hathaway always in movies where her character goes from bad/mediocre looking to a vision of beauty?

Friday, September 22, 2006

Sometimes I dont know if having a blog is a good thing or a bad thing. I've refrained from writing personal stuff, but things still somehow get misintepreted by some ppl down the line.

Maybe instead of leaving things vague, I should make things more clear.

Or should I?


Had a wonderful long chat with Krys yesterday.
And it all started with her nudging me a couple of times on MSN, interrupting me in deep trance.
I rushed to her side thinking about all the possible emergencies
when she asked me..

How to make maggi mee goreng??HELP!


Hehehe.. damn potong steam lah...

But I'm gald she did that.. otherwise I wouldn't have had the brief long catch up chat with her..

Makes me miss all my girlfriends so much!

I miss you girls.. LOVE YOU GIRLS SOOOO MUCH!!!



John said I'm chubby.


It just reconfirms my claims that I gained weight.

Booooo hooooooo hoooooo


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Vote 1o9459 - Shuen

Yes, it's election time! And my short, usually 1 min journey through Wentworth to get to microbiology lab took much lnger than that today. It was like a fuckin warzone!

I got ppl coming up to me left, right and CENTER!
Each from different parties, stuffing their different coloured fliers into my hands..
telling me why I should vote for so and so..

I had to push my way through..
And when I came out, I was gasping for air..
It was as though I'd just crawled out of the thick dust and smoke in some war in the desert.. you know, like how it always is in the movies..

But come to think of it, they'd made really good bodyguards.. all surrounding me, walking with me, giving me no space to move at all..

Hey, maybe that's how celebrities feel with paparazzis.. :D .. hey! I got to experiece like 10 seconds of being a celebrity today! How cool is that?!?!

Hehe.. yes, that's me mind wandering off somewhere in the skies..


Happiness is elusive

If there's one thing I can wish for, I'd wish that everyone's happy and will never have to feel sadness or dejection.. EVER!

It just makes me sad to know that other ppl are sad/upset. I'd wanna do anything and everything I can to make them happy again. Even if it means that I have to go through shit. I don't care. Even more so when those ppl are ppl close to my heart.

I just want everyone to be problem-free.


I feel so helpless...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Smooth as a baby's bottom!

Yea, finally got that brazillian that I was deprived of the other day.


This girl was pretty fast. All done in 10mins when it usually takes 30mins. Alrite, I shall take the opportunity tonight to turn in early, which reminds me..

Darren missed his flight!

Hehehehe.. I never thought it would happen, but it did! Its alrite dear, I'll see you early tomoro morning! :) .. *hugz*


I'll always be here for you..
Through all your tears,
through all your pain,
I WANT to be there for you.

I want to be part of your life,
and life has its fair share of troubles.
I want to be your friend,
to go through life like how it is - its ups and downs.

I want to show you as much or even more than what you've done for me.
I want to make sure that no one ever hurts you.
And if anyone does, I'll slap that madderfoker.
You, of all ppl, don't deserve ANY of this..

I wish that I could be the one going through all these instead..
I wish that I could be the one who suffers the pain, the insults, the beating..
Its far less worse for me than you, coz I've felt them b4, and I'm conditioned to it.

But you..
You don't deserve any of this.
You're an innocent victim of jealousy, malice and hatred.

It hurt me that you never talked to me from the bottom of your heart.
If you do really consider me your friend, you'd tell me everything,
Most importantly things that trouble you and weigh you down..
You'd vent out all your negative thoughts and feelings..
You'd tell me how angry/troubled you are..

I want our friendship to be measured by how much we're there for each other at times when we need each other most.

I love you dear, and I'm always just a phone call away.


Lots of Love,

Monday, September 18, 2006

Tina Gospel

I've been introduced to this whole new world of tai-tainess.. haha.. thanks to TINA!!

What we did the other day consists of..
1)lunching with with our bfs, then
2)shopped around for a pair of red sexy shoes but kinda failed,
3)so we decided to pamper ourselves to manicure+pedicure+wax.
4)After which we went to Van Gogh for drinks + chat.

Since I've been here, I haven't had much time to really catch up with Tina since our alone time has been tremendously cut down and is now almost non-existent.

I really miss her.. :(


What's happening?

I've been having weird sensations, and troubled dreams these few nights. I don't know why. I would've thought that I'd feel the total opposite, but for some strange reason, I'm feeling this way.

First, I dreamt that I had kids. And that, to me, is a total nightmare. I was freaked out, scared out of my mind! I woke up feeling soooo scared. I cant tell the future, but at this point of time, the notion of kids, whether now or in the future is a very scary thought.

Second dream I had was when I had my mom around all my friends. Started introducing them to my mom over casual chit chat. Then all of a sudden, she asks one of them about my 'sexualism'. What the hell is 'sexualism' anyway? I have no idea whether or not that word exists, but in my dream, it seemed to have perfect meaning/existence.

I've also had trouble falling asleep.

Someone help me.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pics from Cargo

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