Thursday, December 28, 2006


My brain starts whirring once I get up in the morning, and it never stops until I watch TV or sleep.

How I wish everything would go away.



I tried to exercise yesterday, but after 10 short minutes, hero me convinced myself that sitting down going through baby + childhood pics for about an hr would probably be equivalent to about 10 more mins of running.

The thing about me was that I looked cute for about 3 years, and then I started looking weird. Some pics really brought out the giggles!

Saw through my years of super short hair. My huge round glasses. My chubbiness. My holidays.
Most ppl I know have mostly the same features through all the years. But most definitely not ME!

Was good fun bringing out all the old pics. Going to embark on a photo album project real soon!!!! Hopefully!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Durians Galore!!!!!!

Thanks to the wonderful Chee Yoong!!

Love you LOOOOONG time!!

Still can't believe how they could've put that on Fear Factor! I'd've been a very very happy contestant!

Yum Yum!!


I SPY......

Someone who's been keeping in touch, on-off(??) with my ramblings here..
Someone who's going to be part of the Melbourne family..
Someone who's spent almost half of his life in UK, and the other half, seeing me every week!! (oh, the horror!!)
Someone who's a week older than me!

Guess WHO??



Its irritating me, writing everything without any colours, or different font sizes!
It looks so plain! So.. boring!


Need some COLOR!!
Need some non-MAC comp!!

*this post has obviously been edited using my non-MAC laptop!!*


Just re-read some previous posts..

And suddenly realised that they might not have been the best materials to be read by SOME ppl..

Some ppl, like, gee, i dont know.. but I think his name starts with an 'A'.. haha

All of a sudden feeling so self conscious of what I've written b4..

Read some lines, and laughed my arse off.. wondering how I came up wid such lame lines!
Read some more, and was appalled at how I could've made such horrible grammatical mistakes!

Oh well..

Monday, December 25, 2006

Love is patient,
Love is kind.
It does not envy,
it does not boast,
it is not proud.

It is not rude,
it is not self-seeking,
it is not easily angered,
it keeps no record of wrongs.

- 1 Corinthians 13 : 4,5 -

You've just read it.. but really, did you?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Hope you had a wonderful bday! You've been around for Jay and I since the beginning, and have been a wonderful friend. Was always a blast hanging out wid ya!


HAPPY BELATED BDAY, CHRIS & CK!!! - 18th December


Went to collect my iPod nano that I won on my last day in Aus.

Drove all the way to LCCT,
waited in line,
collected my parcel,
paid extra for duty stamp,
drove all the way back..

just to find that its a fuckin' FAKE IPOD!!!!



Super angry now..

If I wanted a fake ipod, I could get much cheaper ones here in MSIA!!!

Feel so bloody cheated!

CONNERISM i tell you!


Out of the blue, I got an unknown number sms-in me, asking for my e-mail add.
I politely replied for an identity.
Andrew Wong is his name, he said.

I cracked my head wondering which of the few Andrew's it was.
He called, and I realised then that I didn't recognise his voice.

I asked him how he knew me.
'That's why I asked for your e-mail add. Its a long story. I wanted to write to you there to explain everything,' said he.
He was elusive about how he got my number and how he knew my name.
I got a little scared.
I said I was busy.
And he asked me if I was out near Bandar Utama.

That totally freaked me out.

This guy has my name, my number and possibly my house address.

Who the fuck is he?

After a while, I found out that he got my details from Pos Msia.

Must've been from the forms I had to fill when I went there to collect my stupid FAKE IPOD NANO!

I've stopped entertaining him since I've found my answers.

A little shaken, but I'm alrite now. Will probably just be even more scared when I come home alone in the middle of the night when the street's dark.


Bull played futsal for 3 and a half hrs straight. And now, he's got chest and his legs are aching. GEE, I wonder why!!!

Go take a good rest k??? I'll see you real soon and give you a hug n kiss to make it all better!!!


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Been a wonderful week for me.. my wonderwall has stood through the week and is still my wonderwall.. as well as a BULL!! Right?? :P

Coz only bulls produce.. Bull-S***!!!

hahaha.. OK, damn lame.. but that's why you love me right?? RIGHT????

Well, to be fair.. You're a stupid bull with bullshit and I'm a stupid cow.. which is so much more useful than a bull coz at least cows produce milk! hehhehe..

But you're still my wonderwall and its only been getting more and more wonderful! More and more fortified.


Mel's BACK!!

And I'm the only one at this point who hasn't seen her.. DAMN! :P

Hehe.. had dinner wid the other 6.. dam 7 full k!!! Food was DAMN nice!

At this rate.. INPUT so much more than OUTPUT..Sure KAPUT la!

HEY! That rhymed! :P Genius me..

Can't wait to go on our trip to Penang.. and our stay at Sunway nxt week, plus our trip to Sunway Lagoon! Sounds like a fun-filled month! :D kekekkee


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Wedding dinners are almost a weekly thing now. I ran out of formal-ish dinner clothes to wear coz I never expected to have so many wedding dinners to attend! Its like a sudden wedding boom! Think the baby boom's already started..

I want my room back! I've been sleeping with my parents since I've been back from Aus coz my youngest bro has invaded and resided in my ex-room.

I miss having my own space to do my own things. Miss being able to stay up til as late as I want doing whatever I want. Now, I can't even read b4 I go to bed! My parents sleep wid their lights off, usually hours b4 I go to bed.

I miss having my own room!! Man, our maid has her own spacious room and I don't even have a private area to myself.

Btw, TINA'S BACK!!!! SO excited!! YAY!!!!!!!

Now, just another stray sheep left to come back.. actually, 2, but the other one's definitely not coming back so will just be waiting for that one who's coming back Mon night!

OK, my bro came out of the shower.. time for me to barge in and scrub myself clean! wheeeeeeeee

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

ES came back earlier than expected. Still the same 'sohai' as YY likes to call him.. :P It felt good knowing that everyone's slowly coming back to msia from wherever in the world they are. Happy happy, joy joy!


Dinner at Palace of the Golden Horses yesterday was FANTASTIC!

Food was A++. Absolutely LOVED it! Now, if only I could get Zander to try them, and reproduce them back in Sydney. :P hehe..

There was a performance by a Russian duo which I was pretty impressed with. She changed her outfit on stage within seconds! You see her, then you dont, then you see her again with a totally different outfit! And there are no signs of new or old outfits anywhere! In their last act, the guy opened a huge umbrella above her, and it showered glitter on her. By the time the glitter settled, she'd changed her outfit yet again! AMAZING!!!

Performancee by Siti Nurhaliza was up in the itiniary too!

Oh, TINA!! I SAW YOUR MOM!! she was wearing a white suit thingie. I would've gone to say hi but she looked really busy and I didn't know if she would recognise me. Hehe.. when I told Krys, she was like, GO TALK TO HER and GET THE JUSTIN TIX!! haha..


I've always said I don't really know how to put make-up on. I do try sometimes, and its a touch and go thing. Sometimes, it looks alrite, but usually, its horrendous! Last night's was the latter.

As I took my makeup off, I suddenly realised that my make up skills were so horrible, I looked even better without makeup! Whoever said that makeup enhances your looks, makes you prettier and etc musn't have met me! All the talk about the powers and magical wonders of makeup etc etc.. BULLSHIT! Well.. at least in MY case.. hehe.. I guess that's a case for everyone who doesn't know how to apply makeup the right way.

Oh well..

Damn! I missed Lunch with Krys and CY. Should've got up earlier! Oh well, Krys finishes at 4. Maybe I'll be able to meet them later... happy happy, joy joy!


Sometimes when you think a person has reached his/her peak, you're proven wrong. Things improve by leaps and bounds.

Thank you dear.

You've been amazingly amazing, esp the past 2 days.

You tried hard. You hit the mark. From now, I hope that things will only get better!


You're my wonderwall.

Monday, December 04, 2006


Who are they?

They come in many forms, shapes and sizes. Someone once told me..

'You are who you think your friends think you are.'

It was twisted in its own weird way, but I think that it made a lil sense. I guess in that sense, surrounding yourself with positive happy friends is something essential.

But who are they?

I have friends, yes. Very close friends, yes. Yet, there are some things that make me wonder if some of my friends feel the same way towards me. Maybe I'm not a good friend. Maybe that's why I don't deserve their best of friendships.

But who am I without friends?

This post may be offensive to my friends. I think the only thing I can say is, don't come to conclusons about who I'm talking about in this post. If you're reading this, it most probably isn't you.

Sigh, I think coming back to Msia has been so depressing, its making me warp myself into weird thoughts and ideas. Its the Shuen in Msia syndrome.

I cant wait for everyone to really come back. Hopefully by then, this blues will go away.

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