Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy Belated Bday Mellie!!!!

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Hope you had a good one! Wishing you loads of happiness and wonderful things in your life for the year to come!

You've been an amazing friend all these years. There can be never a dull moment with you around, and you're such a friendly and understanding person, I'm not surprised that your life is full of ppl lining up to be your friend.

I can never forget your unique sense of style, always looking a notch better with little details. Always been an artistic person you have.

But more importantly, you've always been there for me, to straighten me out, listen to my problems, lent your shoulder countless times for me to cry on.. I can only wish to do the same for you.

You've been there for me through my uppest ups and my downest downs. You're a wonderful person and I can only wish that you find your happiness wherever you go.

Take care darling.. HUGZ.. Missing you heaps...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


try saying that out loud.

Do you get it???

Or am I the only one???

Monday, March 26, 2007

Woke up at 7.30 to a churning stomach. Felt like vomiting. Gathered whatever energy I had left to rush to the toilet+brush up so that I could go downstairs to grab something to eat.

Ate, napped.. felt better.

Spent the entire day doing assignment + pre-work for another assignment.

Freak? I know.

Took some time off to call Tina to see what she was up to. Missing you, Tina!

Was hoping that the new South Indian restaurant down the street had banana leaf rice. Tough luck.

Yesterday, Ingga + I came up for a still growing list of things to do during Easter break.

1. Pancakes on the Rocks (since Ingga's never been there)
2. Home-cooked dinner with friends over.

Ingga's going to make some pasta, and me, some starters+dessert.

Starters Options :
1. Crackers & Cheese
2. Salad
3 Garlic Bread

I dont know which would be good. Any opinions?

I'm going to try and bake a cake for dessert. Either my cheesecake or choc cake. Which one? Ingga wants to play with icing.. maybe a choc mud would be good! :) Oooh.. imagine that hot straight from the oven, topped with vanilla ice cream! *droolz*

I'm actually looking forward to Easter already!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wishful thinking..

It rained in the evening.

All I wished I could do was cook a nice meal in our cosy contemparary apartment, relax, watch TV and wait for you to get back from work.

Talk about domesticating.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

...Watching sappy love scenes make me miss you so much...


Job Rant

It happened again. Got up at freakin 11 when I slept at 5.30. I guess I might as well say, 'Welcome to a brand new stage of your life, Shuen!'

Shift last night was shitty but good.
Shitty in the monetary sense, good in the socialising sense.

There was this guy who was celebrating his bday. Paid for his friend to get a massage, and when I went back a couple of hrs later, he clearly had drunk quite a bit. But he was a really nice guy. He was defending me, telling his ass of a friend off. Very sweet-spoken guy. With mightily huge biceps, I might add.

Another interesting guy - Sales Exec at Telstra.
Who's freaking younger than me!
Granted, by a few months, but STILL!
He's worth quite a bit, and he must've really liked the massage - $50 just like that. Not that I'm complaining. He was young, and he's got a healthy pride in what he does.

I just didn't like his friend for the fact that he expected me to sucker up to Telstra guy once I was told what he's worth. Jerk.

I have a healthy pride for myself, and I think that everyone should be treated equally, rich or poor. Money's not everything for me. And ppl who think that they get preferential treatment from me for being rich couldn't be anymore wrong.

Speaking of interesting ppl on the job..

I met this rugby player from NZ last weekend. Most OZ's are big on 'footy' and rugby and watever else they call those games with the oval shaped ball, but not me. I have no idea who plays, what the teams are, what the rules are.. etc. So here I was chatting up and having a good time with this friendly guy. And yesterday, I saw him on TV - the face of NZ tourism.

That's the thing about me and this job. Its a major celebrity sighting job, apparently. But the fact is, how am I supposed to get all excited when I don't even know they're celebrities??

Like, another example.

At a corporate job last Mon, Carmi started massaging this huge guy, and there was a sudden big hype about that.

I was like.. what the hell's happening?

Everyone just stared at me.

'OMG! You don't know him? He's the Aussie homeland guy on TV.'

Err... OK.. watever you guys say man.

Friday, March 23, 2007


It really seems like I'm getting stuck all day.

Booked the meeting room at SUV to study. They have a huge table in each meeting room, which makes good base for strewn notes and books.

Was suddenly so inspired to study after my lecture at 2. I think it might've been coz of the straightforward-ness of the lecture and the speed at which the lecturer talks which is sorta energetic and fast. Goes to show I feed off other ppl's energy(??).

ANYWAYZZZZZ.. back to my story. Right. So, I booked the room from 4.30 til 7.00.

I skippety-skipped there all packed and ready with plenty of heavy books, files, and most importantly, stationery in my bag..only to find Meeting Room 4 locked.


Went down to the reception.
'The office closes at 4pm today. You'll have to wait til the Resident Advisor on duty arrives at 5pm. But that's if you're lucky.Sometimes they only get here at 5.30pm.'


So there I was, bag slung across my shoulder, big note book clutched in one hand, water bottle in another, all hopes crushed.

Could feel my inspiration to study slipping away. Mind you, this inspiration feeling thingie doesn't come around often at all.

OOh!!Just got news the RA's here! At least there's still SOME feeling of inspiration left b4 it totally disappeared! Ta-rah!!!


I'm getting so good at waking up early nowadays. I think my body's subconsciously got used to the energy levels associated with different times of the morning.

*omygosh! dim sum girl's playing on shuffle on my nano! First time i'm actually listening to it!*

Like today, my lab's at 9, and I set my alarm for 8. But it didn't go off. I found myself getting up at about 9 when I thought something was amiss. And I think it was coz the roads were getting busier.

I never would've thought I'd be able to get up so early without the alarm. If this was years ago, I'd have slept through til 12. Maybe its a sign of growing old. Like, you know how some mature ppl have problems sleeping?

Anywayzz... due to my getting up late and rush, I forgot my labcoat and had to sit out of the anatomy prac from 9-11. So here I am, stuck at the library, waiting for histology to start at 11.


- My thighs are shrinking! -

My jeans felt a little looser around those areas this morning! It got sooooo tight when I was back in Msia. Good to know that they've gone back to the size they were b4 I went back home.

Now, only gonna hafta work on shrinking them for the skinny jeans I got from Melbourne last July. Hopefully will update with some good news soon! :D

Thursday, March 22, 2007

You know there's too many ppl around you getting pregnant when you start thinking..

'Hey, this empire waist dress is GORGEOUSSS!! and if I keep it for many years down the road, it'll look great when I'm pregnant too!'

6pm Quickie

I feel like the news with that title.


Randomness of the day :

1. Played with a dick without realising what it was until after 3 mins.

2. Got told my dress was gorgeous, and subsequently got asked where I got it from. Shocked faces surfaced when I answered, "Supre".

3. Worked in the above mentioned dress to vacuum my room and the SUPER DIRTY common areas in my apartment, and then threw out the trash. Talk about doing housework in style, babeh! ;)

Anywayz.. heading off to Tamana's with ppl.. good dinner ahead!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Was just watching this police show where this dog was the hero.
He was trained to bite on bad guys' forearms and never let go.
On this special case, he performed brilliantly..
and was given a medal of honour.

I wonder if the medal would mean anything to that courageous dog, or whether it even understands the significance of it. What's the point of rewarding a living being with something of no significance to them? Yeah? Thnk about it..

And on ANOTHER totally different note.

Emotionally cheating on someone is just as bad as the physical part.

Pretty random, but yea...


Loves it!

Colours excite me.
They liven me up from a dull dreary state.
They feed me energy.

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Somehow couldn't find a pic of Krys+YY on our CNY celebration. Sorry yea!

What's your problem??

The weather's playing up on me.

Super hot during when I head out, and raining when I'm on the way home.

My umbrella's been a trusted friend these days!

Gonna get my first pay! After a $50 deduction for t-shirt deposit, I get a total of $118.80 for 9 hrs' worth of work. Would've been $168.80 if it werent for the shirt. But oh well. I'm not complaining! I'm so proud to finally be earning my own money! And while having fun on the job too!

Go SHUEN! You rock, girl!! :)

OK, so, maybe self praise is no praise. But who gives a damn, really?

I feel like playing with some pics..

Will be back! With some pics! (hopefully!)

Monday, March 19, 2007


AWESOME day!!!

Went by Chinatown for Yum Cha with the lovely, bubbly, ever-so-fun-Mae.. ended up chatting for hours and hours.. can't remember the last time I had so much pure fun girly time chatting about everything girls can chat about..

Really missed you Mae! We should do it like, once a week each week! :D

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Then I went for some girly dinner with May+Tamara.. fellow Angels.. :) .. that was fun!!

I've never met a boring Angel so far, and that's FAN-TASTIC!!! They got me 'ready' for my shift at Darling Harbour..

Which happened to be.. uh.. lemme see.. FUN!!!

It was clubbing at its best! I could just chat anyone up, hiding behind the 'Angel' persona. Had a BLAST just chatting to ppl, flirting with 'em guys AND girls, all while enjoying the music!

All this while making money.. man, I couldn't ask for more!

Was beat when I slept at 5 that morning though..


Pussycat Fever!

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Have always wanted to watch their concert 'Live from London'. Asked my bro to download it, but it took too long, and I was on the plane b4 it finished downloading.

Went looking for it everywhere. Finally found one last copy of this shop in Market City on Sat. Phew.

And the guy was so nice and chatty, I got suckered into buying the PCD Calender as well. Wasn't too bad. Was just $5, a huge slash from the original $25.

Never got the chance to relax and watch it though. Been too busy with work over the weekends.

Finally got the chance to rest properly after my job this afternoon. Watched it after a nap, with my self-declared few hours of girly relaxing ME time! :)

I'm more in love with the PCD now than ever b4!

Sexy, hot, confident, energetic, independent - everything I can only dream of being.

From now on, they're going to be my inspiration for day to day living. How so? I have no idea just yet. Ask me in a week.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Something in my water!!!

I think something's gotten into me.

The past few weeks comprised of..


And if that isn't bad enough, I havent been doing anything else but that AND going for classes. Adding to them.. So, its actually..


After a few days, I thought I'd get a job.. and esp after I chatted to May on the Sat BBQ about http://www.3minuteangels.com.au. So then, it became..


And today.. I'm actually missing the International Dance Party just to go to the Medical Library to finish off a lab work.

But Paul came over to get his remaining stuff from my room and he left an hr b4 the library was gonna close so.. change of plans!!

Thought I'd have the rest of the day to rest and relax, something I havent done in quite a while..

So I put on a DVD, something light and chic-flicky - 'Lovewrecked' (its a horrible movie, btw!). But after a while of sitting down watching it, I felt restless+unproductive, started gravitating towards my LAB NOTES...

And ended up finishing a whole laod of EXCEL LAB REPORT, which includes..

-entering a whole load of spectrophotometry results,
-a whole load of calculations
-4 graphs based on the load of data+calculations.

Can someone tell me what the hell is wrong with me?!?!?!?!?!?!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

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Ooh.. just came back from a floor party.. crazy americans.. was SO fun though! :D :D :D


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Just realised my DVD spells 'LovewrIcked' instead of 'LovewrEcked'!

Hmm..pretty random, I know..That's what happens when you've skulled one too many Carlton Draughts. There was this super hot chic! Asian.. surprisingly didn't find any hot white chics at a party that's like 95% caucasian. The thing about me drinking is I tend to call ppl to talk. Just dialling and dialling. Caught up with Mae a little. She sounded bz.. but I think we're gonna meet up b4 the International Party on Thurs. Oooh, just caught a waft of cold air. Feel some headlights turning on. I miss my darlingz. I miss my sweetheart.

OK, I'm off to brush up!



I got back on Monday, close to noon, and rushed straight to my 1 o'clock class. Once I got home, I did my laundry and started cleaning my room and its contents.


Like, wipe-each-book-thoroughly.
Like, wipe-each-pen-thoroughly.
Like, wipe-each-sheet-of-paper-thoroughly.

It was the exam mess. All my notes, pens, books were strewn all over the room and table. Over 3 1/2 months, they *sneeze* naturally attracted lots of *sneeze* dust.

Basically, I spent the past few days cleaning my room, organising my things, obsessing over getting a vacuum which was not available for 2 days in a row!

I utilised lots of boxes lying around, modified them to be made little nice storage/decorative items on my desk. Felt like a genius! :D

Did my groceries, bought stationery. All while going for labs and lectures during the day. Never got a proper rest till yesterday! But strangely enough, doing all the tiring cleaning up+extremely tiring unpacking seemed to fill me with a certain sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. Being busy made me feel super productive!

OOOhhh, gotta see part of my organising act..

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First party of the week - Yandi's farewell. Pretty ironic considering uni just started! Saw the debut of one of my flower pins.

Today, the SUAMS welcoming party at Coogee. I remembered going for that about the same time last year and got myself a nasty tan line that lasted almost all year! I learnt from my mistakes.

OK, will continue the update in a while.. Chris has asked me to go over to play..

Friday, March 02, 2007

To highlight or not to highlight...

Super long hair all gone.. now its about shoulder length.. I think it's somewhat like a nicole richie just that my fringe is shorter..

Kept telling my hairstylist to gimme a cut to make me look YOUNGER!! I was tired of ppl telling me i look 20 something when I'm not even 20 yet!

So.. voila!!

Now, the question is.. to highlight or not to highlight?

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Thursday, March 01, 2007


Good dinner.
Wonderful company.
Sweet parting.

Can't ask for more on this special, special day.

2nd Disappointment of the Day

While out for dinner, Dad called..

'Girl, you want the Nano or the iPod which plays music, videos and everything?'
Not wanting to ask too much I simply replied..
'Anything.. my main priority's to listen to songs while I walk. Whichever's cheaper, get it lah..'

When I got back, my dad proudly showed me the Nano. After about 10 mins of showing me the Nano itself, he reached for the plastic bag to get the accessories. He pulled out a little brochure thingie, and showed me the iPod he was talking about.

I almost screamed.

iPod nano (4 GB) - $ 934
iPod (30GB) - $1099

And he got an iPod nano.


Hehe.. but it IS also my fault. I did tell him to get the cheaper one.. hehehe..

Nevertheless, I'm extremely grateful and happy that I got a nano! I'm so excited! Gone are the days of quiet walks to and from uni, or in the city, or on long bus rides.




Everyone's not here..

YY's being such a good boy suddenly, staying at home coz of exams.. shockening! :P

Krys msged me and asked me when she can come over, not to see me mind you, but to eat the cheesecake my mom bakes! haha.. and she asked if I felt insulted! ooh, the nerve.. hehe.. but nah, i actually didn't mind it one bit..

Bought all the things I was supposed to bring over. I looked at it and wondered how I was gonna accomplish the feat of staying within the weight limit. Tough Job!

Been looking up the uni casual employment database and found one job on campus. I particularly like those ones coz they pay damn well, always at least more than 20 bucks per hr. This particular one was $ 26++ per hour. The only catch was that they required a resume and cover letter, both of which I dont have.

I sat down and laboriously typed my CV+cover letter. Before I could finish the latter, I had to leave with my mom to go for some talk. Today, when I checked the database again, the notice had been pulled out.

Someone got the job.

A tad disappointed. Should've done everything faster, earlier.

Anywayz.. at least today's gonna be a happy day for me!


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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