Friday, February 24, 2006

Virgin GREEK experience!

First, I'd like to say..


Ok, sorry its one day late on my blog, but at least I tagged you on your blog!!..hehe..that counts rite?? Meant to write you a happy bday post after I came back from Velour, but then..

I got piss drunk.


Meant to make you a video blog (like the one I did for Tina) with tina and es, but erm..alcohol got me..Hehe..Come to think of it, I think it'll be quite hilarious doing a happy bday video in my drunken stupor..Imagine me with the Tina's red bucket going..

'HAPPY BIrtH-*bleurgghhhh*-DAy JUs-*bleurghhhhhhhhhhhhh*-TIN!!!!

*wipes mouth with one hand*

*100-megawatt smile*


Was the first time I got so drunk. Woke up and was still lying around in bed for half a day til about 4 something. Stomach felt sooo queazy!

Thanks for taking my pics when my head was buried in the red bucket.
Thanks for listening to me rambling about nonsense I don't even remember.
Thanks for cooking instant noodles for me.
Thanks for making me the one with soup as opposed to my original choice of Indomee as it is oily.

Thanks PEI FEI!!!

Thanks for supporting me to the cab.
Thanks for making sure I was alright.
Thanks for the amusing chat with the cab driver, making my journey back at least bearable.
Thanks for eating chicken fingers and laughing while watching me puke.
Thanks for taking out my jewellery for me when I couldn't.
Thanks for being such a fun person to club with!


Casualties from yesterday

1. Camera - lost (*gasp* the HORROR!!)
2. Sanity - lost
3. Ability to stand up properly in the morning without feeling queazy in the stomach - lost
4. 'Good' impression of me on Pei Fei - lost
5. Virginity in reference to Greek experiences - lost
6. Smooth UN-bumped head - lost

Am just starting to feel really bummed out about my camera!! Took a lot of good photos last night. But all...LOST!!!


So, that explains the lack of photos on this blog entry.

Crossing my fingers, hoping that I find my cam back!!..you guys pray for me too kays?

Had my virgin Greek experience.

With Tina.

Greek food, that is.

At Stalactites. And ppl who haven't tried Greek food, go try it!! Or you'll be missing out yall!

Dinner was absolutely LOVELY!! We ate and drank our hearts away. Wonderful wonderful food. Chatted for AGES!! Good food, good wine, good company, good time.. what more can I ask for?

Wanted to put up the many pics we took at the restaurant..but just realised again that my cam's lost.. :(

Anyone wants to get me a new cam???

*big hopeful eyes*


At 1:51 AM, Blogger leo said...

i truly sympathise with the oh so recent demise of your camera... i don't really know what i'd do without mine... hope you manage to recover it soon!

cheerios, leo

At 3:41 AM, Anonymous justin said...

Thanks for the wishes BB!..I sympathise(how to spell ar?) with the loss of your camera..no more "cold" pics..hahah..just kidding...first time you got so drunk meh? what knocked you out? heheh..thanks again!

At 2:14 AM, Blogger ~little princess~ said...

was skulling champagne lar dear.. hehehe..fastest way to get high!

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