Thursday, February 16, 2006

Is It True?

That there can never be a platonic relationship between a straight guy and girl?

That when you say you love me, you really do? What is love anyway?

That to find myself again, I have to be free from all that ties me down?

Oh, I wanted to blog last night, coz for some freaky reason, I felt like watching porn.

I think I was horny..Hmm..hehe..*weak laugh*..*shy*

ended up not watching anything though.

I was such a smart girl yesterdaY!!!
WEnt for an extra class to get ready for my exam tomoro.
Lecturer gave out past year's exam paper and answers,
telling me she wants it back at the end of class.

*glances at watch*

OH NO!! Only 40 mins left!(erm, I went in late you see) How to finish in time?? DIE!!DIE!!DIE!!
OOOO..oooh..I KNOW!!

I promptly produced my camera and started taking snapshots of the paper.
*gasp* Piracy!!(What a true Msian!)
Page after page.

How smart of me rite? :) teehehehe

Now I have the question paper AND the answers in my comp all stored under 'My Pictures'.

Ooo..here's a reason why I love my brother!

gn: whats the expression pfft?
me: say it!
me: then you'll know
me: its like...pfftt
gn: but what does it mean??
gn: haha
me: how can i explain?
gn: im saying it so many times but i still dont know what it means
me: hahahhahahahha

Damn layan me man, my brother. No one puts up with my nonsense more than my brother!i LOVE my brothers!

Gosh, I just used the word 'layan'! EEK!! Too much of time spent reading kinkybluefairy!!!

Sighz..such a reflective mood I'm in now. Frustrated as well, not a good mood to blog in!

So I shall go play with some pics of friends I so dearly miss..

Image hosting by Photobucket
Haha..my fav pic here is the one with kitz and the red nose. Still remember I forced him to wear it so that I could take that pic. Hence his -_- expression. I miss you wei kit!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Oh, shoot!! I should be studying for my exam tomoro!! AIKS!!


At 6:02 PM, Blogger cheng sim said...

hrm. i have platonic guyfriends and still do. i think this whole stuff makes girls think too much. then again, its nothing wrong for you to like ur best guyfriend because you're a girl and he's a boy and u can't help the sparks from flying.

At 6:25 AM, Blogger Yoong Wei said...

Well, 3 of my closest friends are girls, one of which is my ex-gf. We love each other dearly, but I'm 100% sure that we don't have (and never will) have romantic feelings for each other.

Good luck for your exam! Those things suck. *sigh*

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