Tuesday, February 07, 2006

OC-Night Review

Its freaking cold tonight! It says 20 degrees on Yahoo! weather, but I reckon its lower than that! Is probably 16-18 degrees! There's nothing strange about that..IF IT WAS AUTUMN/SPRING!! It's SUMMER now for goodness' sakes!! Bring out the heat!

Anyway, YES, I went to watch OC tonight.

And, NO, I didn't really make any girlfriends. (See 2 entries before this.) I arrived there when everyone had settled down, and the show came on not long after. Everyone was too engrossed watching OC, including me. So I didn't really make any new girlfriends. Well, OK, I know that the girl sitting next to me was Abby!

OC was good. As usual. I noticed some changes in hairstyles though. For better AND for worse.

Marissa Cooper played by Mischa Barton

Image hosting by Photobucket
New(left) and Old(right). I prefer the new so much more! She looks great in straight hair! Ditch the curls!!

Ryan played by Benjamin McKenzie

Image hosting by Photobucket
Old(left) vs. New(right). OK, the right pic isnt exactly new but his hairstyle in this season is somewhat like that. Just imagine the fringe combed sideways a little, just like how your mom used to do it for you/your brother when you were little.

I prefer the OLD hairstyle!! New hairstyle makes him look too preppy! Not suitable for his rough-edged character!

Summer and Seth appeared with unchanged hairstyles. Summer did layer her hair a little, but Seth's hair remained the same, at least to my naked eye!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Aren't they soooo adorable? I LOVE them both!They're by far my favouritest characters in the OC. Oh, Summer's hair is straight though, not curly as depicted in this pic.

I also thought their fashion improved a lot this season too! The first season's highlight was BAGS, BAGS, BAGS! I thought their bags were fantastic! My love for Chanel bags stemmed from that season! 2nd season was so-so. Didn't quite like anything in particular. This 3rd season, I thought their outfits were pretty good. I liked what I saw tonight, and hope that it'll only get better!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Anyone wants to sell this Chanel bag to me? One of my many favourite Chanel bags.

Oh, and this season features a lot of bitches. Its like a whole party of bitches! Bitches that make you wanna transport yourself into the tellie box and strangle them! Though I probably wouldn't mind being transported to New Port! Beautiful mansions, beautiful ppl, beautiful sea, beautiful cars, shopping..aahhh..Anywayzz, I sometimes wonder how ppl can be so bitchy. I think I'm still in my own little bubble, haven't yet been infiltrated by bitchy ppl. Let's hope that day never comes! I'm still rather naive and innocent!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Tell me she's not a MLF!


Well, I think I'm gonna enjoy watching Season 3. Better fashion, better-looking Marissa, and more good-looking bitches.

Oh, and if all that fails to entertain me, there's always SETH and SUMMER!!

Ooooh, I'm such a girl!!


At 12:00 AM, Blogger miss vanity said...

I know wat u mean - season 3 of the O.C. is really interestingly filled with bitched & super cool bags, namely Chanel. Im still looking for that L.A.M.B. bag Marissa had in season 2 & what is up with Ryans hair? Used to swoooon over him bt who would with that kinda cut ?:)

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