Wednesday, February 01, 2006


As in MAD!!!! ANGRY!!! and IRRITATED!!!


This morning, I was RUDELY AWAKENED by this LOOOUDD TRTTTTTTTTTTTTRRTT-TRRRRTTTRRRRRRRRRRTTTT-TRRRRTTTTRRRRTTTT sound. When I say loud, I mean LOOOOOUDD. Like, techno clubbing music loud! Like, standing in front of music speakers AT FULL BLAST loud. Like, cinema surround sound system loud (pardon my weak analogies, my brain still refuses to function at its norm at this time of the morning). Never mind that.

But starting and stopping.. repetitively?!

At 8.40 in the morning??!!!


Last night, I was fooled into thinking that I could get away with sleeping in til 12. But NOOOOOOOOOOO..HAD to get up at 8.40!!!

8.40 am!!!!

And I slept at 5am! I'm so not getting enough of my beauty sleep. I'm gonna sue them for the bags under my eyes!

Image hosting by Photobucket
The culprit!!See that hidden red 'crab claw'?

The BEST part of it all???

After I reluctantly resigned to my fate, got out of my bed and plonked my ass on my chair in front of my laptop....

the noise STOPPED!!!!



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