Thursday, February 09, 2006

Boobs..part III

As opposed to Boobs..part I and Boobs..part II, this entry provides more of a cultural reflection.

I remembered watching my first movie in Australia.

'Wedding Crashers'.

I went with a guy friend of mine. All was fine, I was enjoying my movie, getting the feel of salted popcorns (I prefer caramel popcorns..they don't seem to have it here in Aus. My friend laughed at me when I asked for them.), comfy seats, sitting in any position I was comfortable with...till a shot of 5 different pairs of boobs were fired at me, in my face!

I was momentarily stunned.

My hands stopped mid-way between the bucket of popcorn and my mouth. My mind raced.

"What the hell? This is the CINEMA for goodness' sakes! A PUBLIC place!Did the censorship board make a mistake or something?"

I felt awkward for a while. Took a side peek at my guy friend, the horror of him possibly getting a hard-on right next to me swirling in my thoughts. He seemed fine. He was eating his popcorn, watching the movie like nothing happened!

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That brought me to my senses..

"Oh wait, this isn't Malaysia! It's AUSTRALIA! And they don't censor stuff here!Hmmm..COOOOLLLLLLL..."

With a happy grin on my face, I slid back down in my seat, the popcorn suddenly tasted goooood. :D

I have a theory that when you deprive yourself of something, you'd have greater cravings for it. Like, if you're on a diet and you cut out chocolate, you'd be constantly thinking of, no surprise here..eating chocs. It's only human to want things you can't have.

So, based on my theory, the more the censorship board deprives us of something, the more we'd want to see it = the more we'd go looking for uncensored DVDs = more pirated DVDs sold in addition to the usual lot of pirated DVDs sold.

Censorship encourages us to BUY MORE PIRATED DVD's!

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With the same theory, the more the censorship board deprives us of boobs/sex scenes, the more we'd want to see them = the more we'd get excited about seeing something we're not allowed to see = the more aroused we get at the sight of boobs/sex scenes.

The fact that the board censors booobs/private parts/sex scenes/swear words only serve to place the above mentioned 'taboo' on the pedestal. Think about it.

But then again, I guess there really isn't much choice since religion comes into play. After all, we have to respect each other's religions, irregardless of what religion we believe in.

I remembered that when I was still in Msia, my boyfriend + guy friends would ogle at a caucasian girl walking on the street who's often not wearing a bra. It doesn't matter how she looks like, what her body shape is..as long as they spot 2 dots peeking through her top, they'd have cocks as hard as a statue's.

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Ooo..fancy a statue like that!

Here in Aus, everywhere you go, you'd see nipples, cleavages, boobs in all shapes and sizes, naked boobs..etc. So many of them til you get SOOOO used to them and start seeing them as just another part of the body, which really is what it is, just another part of human's anatomy! Its not a big deal to wear low-cut/tight-fitting tops without a bra here in Aus.

If Australian guys get hard-ons everytime they see a nipple peeping through a top, they'd NEVER have a flaccid dick.

In Malaysia, wearing that sort of clothes earn you the comment of 'asking to be raped'. How many times have studies shown that its a MYTH that a girl gets raped because she's wearing skimpy clothes? For those who don't know, its a FALSE FACT that girls have a higher chance of getting raped if they wear skimpy clothes. Yes, go check out that facts! READ THE PAPERS! Or read Myths and Facts about Sexual Violence or List of Rape Myths, which is a slightly LONGER article.

Every guy in Msia probably knows what boobs look like. Every guy in Malaysia probably knows what sex is. As much as the government tries to censor movies to keep our minds 'clean', we, as resourceful humans know where to get materials to satisfy our curiosity.

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Here..some cleavage for you! ;)

After having been in Australia, I don't know if the newfound liberalism I've learnt is a good or a bad thing. I personally feel more comfortable not wearing a bra, and I dont have to worry if I happen to forget to wear my bra before I go out. I definitely know that this newfound liberalism only applies when I'm in Australia. When I'm back in Malaysia, I try to cover more skin, due to various reasons, especially concerning respect for other religions.

Either way, I don't think there's a RIGHT or WRONG in this matter. I'm not irritated with the situation or siding whichever side. I'm just reflecting on the difference between cultures. I respect both cultures for whatever they are.

Society determines the norm. 'Whatever is deemed acceptable to the majority is the norm'. I think I rememeber that as a quote from a friend doing Sociology in A Levels.

Oh, and note to guys. Here in Australia, you don't need FHM or Playboy to find nude pics. Girl mags occasionally feature nude stuff too! And lots of practical steamy sex advice/erotica/true sex stories (e.g. Cleo). You might want to think of buying those mags either for yourselves or your gfs to promote fresh ideas! *wink*

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Oh, and since I'm on the topic of Boobs.. I was amazed at this pretty 11yo Jap girl who's got D-cup boobs.. 'wonder what the Japs feed their kids nowadays'(quote from friend). As much as I'm tempted to, I shall not post pics or mention her name as she's just 11 years old for goodness' sakes!


At 1:30 AM, Anonymous Arth Akal said...

i brought my ex girfriend out to town once (yes, in Malaysia,of course...) and she happened to wear those thin bra that day.
So we went to this shopping mall which was air conditioned and it was a bit chillin cold.
As you know how nipples react to cold rite?? And she had to stand behind me for the rest of the time when we were at the mall.
Went back home to get her to change into something thick later on. Lol....


At 2:26 PM, Blogger ::Lord Apprentice:: said...

u hit the issue right on the G-spot. The more we are told not to do something, the more we will want to.

Yea, i heard bout that 11 year old jap. Its scary. She doesnt look 11. She looks about 16. Wtf.

At 5:16 PM, Blogger Kenny Sia said...

I miss summer in Australia.

At 1:44 AM, Blogger ~little princess~ said...

arth akal : she was shy? aaw..

lord apprentice : hehe..right on the G-spot huh? and I dont really think she looks 16, if you look at her face. If you look at her body..then maybe yealer.. ;)

kenny sia : take a hol and come here lah! hehe.. you still have time b4 summer ends! :)


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