Saturday, February 18, 2006


I went on a trip to the CITY today!!

How fun!!

Saw so many hot chicks on the bus today! :) and this cute little girl with eyelashes so long and curly, eyes so big and round.. I was jealous!

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Random pic I took in the city!

So, I was sitting next to this pretty darn hot girl on the way to QVB right, and a little while before I was supposed to get down, her phone rang.

*imagine a bimbo talking*
'Hello!How're you doing?'
'Yea, *Katie? I dont know how things are going. She says she's gonna try make it tonight.'
'What? Oh, yea, no worries. I've got tennis shoes, pjs, everything you need at my place.'
'Oh, I dont know..*Katie's grandfather is dying tonight'

Me : *say WHAT???* *suddenly damn alert*

'Yea, her grandfather's dying tonight!'*chirpy voice*

Me : *er, that sounds...(no words to describe)*

'He's dying tonight'

Me : *feels a giggle-loop coming!!* OH NO!!!!* Shuen, DON'T LAUGH OUT lOUD IN BUS!*

Dammit! I was trying SOO hard not to burst out LAUGHING!

I mean, she was there, talking about sleepovers, and clubbing and happy things.. then suddenly nonchalantly, STILL in her happy chirpy voice, say her friend's grandfather 'is dying tonight'!

what the hell??

Hehe..I found it damn funny.
Of course not about the fact that someone's dying! HELL NO!!

But how in the EARTH do you predict when someone dies???ANd be so SURE about it?? It just sounded so comical the way she said it.

OK, she explained the reason a little later, and it was supposedly the doctor who said that the grandfather is going off that night.

OH, btw, *giggle-loop is a term I got off 'Coupling'. A British sitcom almost similar to 'Friends'. Its when you feel like laughing at the most INAPPROPRIATE times..like at funerals..and the more you suppress it, the more you feel like laughing..and it stacks up!

OK, OK, enough about that..

Moving on.. to my next amusing discovery..

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Amidst the busy street of Pitt Street stood a TINY LITTLE boy no taller than my waist, dressed to the nines, playing the violin!!!


Made my heart go..sighhhhhhhh...


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