Sunday, February 19, 2006


Am blogging from MELBOURNE now! hmm..should've taken my laptop with me.

Who was I to kid when I thought I could live without my laptop for 10 days? OH well..

Dont think I shall be bloggn long today. Not the 'right' feel. Strange using someone else's computer. Its like using someone else's underwear or something... damn wrong feel!

OK, will try to get used to it, and try blogging from time to time from MELBOURNE!

Hmm...with my new Xanga account, I feel like I'm living a double life, blogging at 2 sites.. hmm.. I can think of a million and one things off the top of my head in which I think I live a double life!

Alrite, will blog soon again!!

Oh, and my KOREAN thingie rite.. I think its coz of my new CURLY hair which is dyed RED.. I never got a single comment about looking KOREAN last year when I had STRAIGHT and BLACKISH hair!! Hmmmm.. and I actually do think I look Korean in that pic..hehe..probably not the best representation of me eh?? Hehe.. Maybe I should put another pic of me up soon..hehe..

ANyway, I think I should hit the sack..damn tired..


Luckily brought my white bikini top along.. but, darnit, forgot my bottom!! so cannot go swim!! hmmm..but its alrite..I'll just sit and look pretty.. :D

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